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Systematic Cruelty

When have we, as a culture and species, become so far removed from our instinctual parenting that it has become not only common, but applauded that we are systematically cruel to our children? 220 more words


Facebook Page Management is More Than Just Posting Images

All the DIY businessmen and their family members who help them believe that Facebook page is all about posting images about their business and shops. 224 more words

Facebook Marketing

Be you.

One thing I’ve learned since becoming a parent is that people (including ourselves) try to compartmentalize our every technique, behavior and style into fitted containers. You are either this parent, that parent or the dreaded “one of those” parents. 294 more words


My brief take on "Mommy Wars"

I’m just going to come out and say it. When it comes to the “mommy wars” I’m not a fan of the campaigns that attempt to end them. 239 more words


There Will Be A Time

There will be a time.

When little hands won’t tug at my shirt to be picked up just for fun.
When a nose can be blown without assistance. 167 more words


To the mother at the mall: I'm Sorry

To the mother I saw at the Mall before I became a parent.

I was leaving a store and you were there. You had a kid in tow, maybe 3 years old. 270 more words


Elgin Police Officer On Leave Pending Investigation Into Facebook Posts

CHICAGO (CBS) – An attorney says an Elgin police officer disciplined over something he posted on Facebook might file a lawsuit against the city.

The officer’s posting said police in Ferguson, Missouri, “did society a favor” by killing unarmed teenager Michael Brown last month. 254 more words