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I recently deleted my facebook profile...

After a few weeks, it became apparent that I was missing events and commitments I’d only really made in the land of social media, so I logged back on. 373 more words


Didnt Read Facebooks Fine Print? Heres Exactly What It Says

It’s kind of creepy to think Facebook can see when you start to write a status update and then you decide against posting it and you don’t. 59 more words


Facebook Privacy

Facebook Privacy is extremely important and valuable when considering the overall protection of your online security. Having a strong privacy awareness will help eliminate cases of identity theft and stolen information. 106 more words

Facebook Privacy

Two Greek famous bitcoin hackers, the arrest and the Facebook thanks

Two Greek hackers who managed to drive crazy 250,000 computers and their users worldwide, Facebook itself, and the Privacy Security system of Facebook also, are finally arrested… 632 more words

3 Privacy Settings You Need To Know On Facebook

I’m always thankful for good tips on how to protect myself on Facebook. I’m pretty open about my page and I’ll pretty much add anyone who wants to see my posts but sometimes there are some things I want to keep private! 87 more words


A picture says 1000 words

It’s been nearly six months since my Squared Online journey began. Whilst I am certainly feeling a bit weary, I can honestly say I think I am also a lot wiser. 305 more words

How to block annoying Invites from Candy crush and Farmville

Hi All

I saw some of my friends had trouble on FB to block APP invites from other friends.

I understand all of us don’t like the same apps how ever great they are. 139 more words

Block Candy Crush