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That Guy, The One Who Picks Fights With Your Facebook Friends

Like many Facebook users, I have defriended ‘friends.’ Enough was enough, and the ‘Unfriend’ option got selected. Sometimes, it was because I was sick and tired of seeing their posts in my newsfeed–for whatever reason, perhaps they were politically or personally offensive, or just too silly to put up with anymore. 481 more words


10 common Facebook Statuses and what they really mean

1. My life is so good right now

My ex is hooking up with someone else, I’m not over them and nobody else wants me so I must pretend that I’m living a rockstar lifestyle. 208 more words


6 Facebook Statuses That Aren't So Bad

Terran Tout wrote this brilliant and funny piece about what to stop doing on Facebook. The piece makes me realize just how annoying Facebook has become. 428 more words