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Twitter is NEW!

Yay! Twitter is new.

Actually new. It has got a new look and a new feel. As Twitter moves up, it has not only upgraded its look but has also added new features and has made it more user friendly. 456 more words


Now your favourite dayaben aka Disha vakani official account is on social webs, like facebook and twitter..
So follow me..

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/dishavakanie

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dishawakani.official


Social Media Strategy Facebook

James asks…

What’s the best social media strategies to get more Facebook likes?
I used to work for a travel agency who used to purchase likes from SocialMedia-Combo.com and I always disagreed with our manager that buying Facebook likes for a company was not the way to go. Nowadays my old j…

WTF FACTS! Things you didn't Know By Arnold Rono

Did You Know That A Color Blind Artist Has Had An Antenna Implanted In His Skull To…Neil Harbisson is a color blind artist who thought of a way to “hear” colors instead of just see them. 200 more words

How visible should social media icons be?

Working in social media, I often find myself going to company websites in order to find out about their social media presence, so it can be very frustrating when companies and organisations hide the social media icons away or make them so minute that they’re impossible to see. 862 more words

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Privacy Advocates Challenge Facebook’s WhatsApp Acquisition

Privacy Advocates Challenge Facebook’s WhatsApp Acquisition (via slashdot)

Advocates from the Electronic Privacy Information Center and the Center for Digital Democracy want the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to probe Facebook’s recent $19 billion acquisition of WhatsApp. 7 more words