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Now ye can't be bad to that. But the pdf rule book and if you decide to buy the...

Now ye can't be bad to that. But the pdf rule book and if you decide to buy the hard copy you get the value of the pdf back off it! 40 more words

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Left-leaning patriots unite! Let's get straight about Ukip

“Spinning this council-house-raised girl, trade unionist and human rights lawyer as the “metropolitan elite”, and Farage as a working-class hero, is a stroke of genius by the right-wing press.”

25 Must-Have Android Apps

1. avast! Mobile Security & Antivirus

2. LastPass Password Mgr Premium 3.0

3. Google Drive

4. Drop box

5. Shareit

6. EverNote

7. Go Backup… 27 more words



On Trying To Get One’s Husband’s Attention…

My husband has a smartphone,

He takes it everywhere,

He thinks it’s rather fab,

I don’t think I compare. 70 more words


STATION IDENTIFICATION: Infinitefreetime.com

Hi!  I’m Luther Siler.  I’m the author of Skylights and The Benevolence Archives, Vol. 1both available at various ebook retailers easily accessible from whatever magic rectangle you’re using to access this page.   293 more words


FotoTiger funciona cómo reconocimiento facial en Android

Lanzaron la nueva App FotoTiger funciona cómo reconocimiento facial en Android, es una App para los dispositivos Android por el momento. La aplicación de la empresa Applied Recognition, es gratuita y se encarga de etiquetar a tus amigos de Facebook en las fotografías realizadas con la cámara de tu smartphone de forma automática. 145 more words

Artificial Intelligence, Really, Is Pseudo-Intelligence • /r/Futurology

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Artificial Intelligence, Really, Is Pseudo-Intelligence: submitted by cyberaleck http://t.co/fNmNkzZo7D

Artificial Intelligence