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Sextraum mit Facepalm

Da hat man mal einen Sextraum. Vielleicht sogar: endlich, weil ich mich an einen letzten nicht erinnern kann.

Aber warum muss der Hauptprotagonist einer meiner Uniprofessoren sein?! 83 more words


When identity crisis meets Internet

Recently my Twitter friends @tapanguchi and @shenoyn showed me the brilliance of an identity crisis that is this. I missed it myself because I was too busy being adventurous (and right) about night clubs to go to while sitting down in a non-vocal corner with a complex math sum instead of going clubbing like all the other sorry non-Tam folks out there. 773 more words


So there was a free book up for grabs today for the person who posted the best selfie, and me being slave to whatever means will get me free books, I decided to be ironic about it and draw a self portrait of me taking a selfie. 52 more words


Slumlord Update: Things that go bump in the night

Didn’t show up on time as per her not so 24 hour notice. She’s been upstairs and in the laundry room (alternating) doing something with the pipes upstairs. 142 more words

Des Moines

Slumlord Update: You do remember the inspection is tomorrow... RIGHT?

After posting that note on my door late last night she has not shown up, not called, no contact at all.  The inspection is tomorrow morning.   127 more words

Des Moines

The search for more money

This year I’ve been witness of several situations that altogether inspired me to write this post.

I bring three stories about doing things the wrong way in gamedev.

Game Development

Slumlord Update: Not 24 Hour Notice

This lovely note was left on my door this evening between 10:45pm – 11:05pm Sunday, the 20th of April 2014 when I went out for a walk with a friend. 228 more words

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