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You had one job (14 photos)

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Someone call Human Resources.

Yesterday Gary asked the Mongolians in our office if they cook a lot of Asian food. He followed up with, “I’ve been really into bok choy lately.”

NHK has been reporting the wrong weather in Kōchi Prefecture for... four years?!

It was announced on April 13 that the Kōchi NHK station’s weekday evening news has been showing the wrong icons for weather conditions in the corner of the screen… 237 more words


My Favourite Facepalm Moment in Customer Service History.

Whenever I get faced with a describe yourself scenario, my response is usually something along the lines of; “Queen of Procrastination, discombobulation and chocolate.” So instead of conquering bastard mountains of discombobulating uni stuff due on Monday, I shall tell you the grand tale of my favourite moment from my entire history of customer service, whilst I munch some chocolate… 617 more words

Customer Service

Slumlord Antics: 'Re: Inspection:

This letter, dated the 9th, was on the ground in front of the doors of the tenants of my building yesterday, the 10th.

Just a little while ago she called the only tenant that she will answer on occasion (because she used to work for her keeping up the building but she is refusing to shoulder all the stupid of late and for good reason) to say that she was not going to show up and the excuses don’t even matter. 94 more words

Des Moines

Equal, but not

“In the eyes of God, whether in the Church or in the family, women and men are equal, with different responsibilities.” – Dallin Oaks, April 5, 2014