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Indiana Jones Remake

A god-damned Indiana Jones remake.


On the other hand, at least this couldn’t possibly be as bad as that awful weird alternate reality fan-fic film that explored what would happen if an elderly Indiana Jones fought aliens. 46 more words


The Lipstick Fiasco

Lipstick can drive anyone crazy and not just simply because those shades look completely different once you’ve left the store. They tend to disappear faster than coffee at a writers’ conference. 578 more words


Wacky Quotes: Cricket

Not many people get cricket. Even in countries that play cricket. Even in countries like India where people pray more to Sachin Tendulkar and seldom go to Siddhivinayak. 476 more words


My Vice

Today is my second day of giving up soda.

I found that it had become a vice in my life, which made me think about vices. 135 more words

Style it #126: Urban Legends Fair ft. Aer's Sl Wolf Tracks

^_- Aer ^_-

Aer’s Sl Wolf Tracks

Blueberry – Alessa – Hair Design – Essentials Poetic Colors- pc eyes by LL – bright – caribbean sea… 83 more words

Найк, что ты делаешь, прекрати!

Nike прислали отчёт по моим результатам за 2014 год. В среднем, я бегал два раза в месяц, очень вялый итог. Только неясно мне, почему их программисты не в курсе, что существует за пределами их волшебной страны такая система измерения, которую использует весь остальной мир и называется она «метрическая»? При этом, в настройках приложения Nike+ у меня всё отлично отображается в километрах. Это провал, я считаю.


What is it With You and Curses?

Jacques: This place… is cursed.
Red: What is it with you and curses?
Spivey: He ain’t happy without a good curse.

Spivey: THIS is cursed. THAT is cursed!

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