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Fangirls and Facepalms: A Successful Ticket-less Entry Into the Seoul Doctor Who World Tour

Note: Extreme geekery follows. You have been warned.

So it’s been a while, but before I left for Japan I’d been mentioning quite a bit  3,751 more words


New Experiences

Things I thought I would never do in my life:
– get married
– own a house
– buy maxi pads.


Facepalm and FacePlam

A *facepalm* is whenever someone does something so stupid or disingenuous that you bow your head and cover your face with your palm.

A *FacePlam* is whenever someone does something so stupid or disingenuous that you apply…

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Halloween Nightmare

There are a lot of traditions that mean a lot to our society, and apparently taking candy from strangers is one of them. On top of celebrating a birthday of a Biblical man who was born in summer in December, that didn’t even make it to the charts on my list of messed up holidays, in my opinion, the number one most whacked up holidays is….*Drum roll please*…..HALLOWEEN! 102 more words

Ah, passports. The key that unlocks the door to all international travel! The look of the cover, the stamps on the pages, the photo that looks almost human….I wish I had a passport.

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The Awesome and the Facepalm: The 2014 BET Hip-Hop Awards

Straight up, I’m a fan of both the BET Awards and the BET Hip-Hop awards, for the epic and memorable moments it produces and the face palm moments as well. 520 more words

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