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Facepalm Moments & The Giver

Facepalm moments……Do you ever have those?

I feel like I have these moments all the time; especially when I think about my future.

What I don’t understand is how some people seem to have life figured out. 448 more words

You had one job (17 photos)

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Oftentimes as an ESL teacher, I like to offer more than just my language.

I also like to think I make available my cultural difference for answering various questions about the world (“Why are there black people in America and white people in Brazil?”), exposing them to indigenous cultures (Students: “Eskimo!” Me: “Actually, Inuit; Eskimo is offensive.” Students: “Eskimo!”), and letting them know about various international holidays (Me: “It’s Canada Day today!” Students: *absolutely blankness*). 1,256 more words


Walking down memory lane: Facebook feed edition

I once read that if one scrolls through his own Facebook feed, he will instantly feel happier. Let’s test it, shall we?

Thoughts that went through my mind while I was scrolling: 321 more words

Random Thoughts

My stupid moment: If your hand is bigger than your face, then you have cancer

I’m sure some of you have heard that joke: “If your hand is bigger than your face, then you have cancer”
It’s really a ridiculous joke… I mean who would fall for that? 399 more words

"You know what to do with that big fat butt"

No. No I really don’t. 

Normally, I’m a fan of most of Jason Derulo’s songs: they’re catchy, his voice sounds great; all-around, they’re nice. But when I heard his new song “Wiggle”: 269 more words