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Colbert Report Segment Spreads Across Net; Here are the Reactions

Free Keene’s commandant is trying to paint a pretty picture of the national spanking he received on The Colbert Report. In his latest blog post, Bernard/Freeman brags about the “hilarious spoof” spreading across the Net which confirmed our expectations that he would stick his head in the sand and pretend like he doesn’t front a group of “a-holes for freedom” that is being laughed at by anyone with a premium cable package.  158 more words


Be it Indian or NRI Parents...

I am neither a fan of arranged marriage nor am I very enthusiastic or pro love marriage. Also, I am not racist or communal. I believe to each his own but not at the cost of hurting anybody. 486 more words

Where there's smoke

There’s the old lady burning something. Or the bro lighting a pan on fire. Or my sister in law steaming things and forgetting to check the water level.


Big Shout Out to the Colbert Report! *Updated*

Leave it to the comedic geniuses at Comedy Central to tell the truth that so many other media outlets have ignored in favor of fluff pieces about goofy dudes plugging nickels into meters. 104 more words


Drop the Cellphone! Accused? I think not.

While I was doing my thing, I remembered something about a certain friend.

This friend (<–girl) of mine was very clingy to her boyfriend. If her boyfriend didn’t reply, all hell breaks loose. 167 more words



Зашёл в салон МТС заменить симку, а там прекрасное: флаеры для москвичей и гостей столицы, с рекламой для переводов денег родственникам в другие страны и другие города (с обратной стороны улыбается Вера Брежнева). Добро пожаловать в Москвабад!


I have a bad feeling about this

There I am taking the bus to work yesterday.  It’s crowded, so everybody is sitting next to somebody.  There are about 8 – 10 driver trainees on board, part of the reason for the fullness of the bus.  191 more words