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Small Talk: Aspirations

I avoid the news like the plague, primarily because all news is negative. The reaction to the news is negative. Worse still, the rush to break news can lead to mistakes, especially when the story and the reaction can last 24/7. 201 more words


Things that Nerds Notice

Whether it is going to the movies or just some casual talk, any one that knows a bit about electronics and how they work will nit pick small details everywhere. 418 more words


I am woman...hear me roar

In one of my pointless, irrelevant college courses, our professor proposed a discussion. If we could have a second life, would we choose to come back as the opposite gender? 1,533 more words

2 Major Facepalm Moments

So there are some things that happen that the only thing to suffice the confusion and irritation they cause is to facepalm the crap outta yourself due to a loss of words. 385 more words


Some Coy Fingerplay

Found this beauty on a wall downtown.

Don’t even know.

In other news tomorrow I’m going to try ad sneak into the Doctor Who World Tour/willingly get scalped for a ticket! Wish me luck!!