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Why you should trust your own judgement

I just experienced a wake up call that I should really trust my own judgement. 

Instead of listening to my own wisdom, I thought I would be a “good girl” and listen to what the doctor said. 140 more words

Mental Health

Sometimes you just need to laugh at yourself...

Hey folks…its been quite a few days, hasn’t it?

Between work, community expectations, and the grad school grind, I have been quite the busy, overwhelmed, spastic, and exhausted, bee. 319 more words

Chris Cantwell Misappropriates ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Chris Cantwell has reached a new all-time low by co-opting a social media charity movement for a hamfisted advertisement of LOLbertarian pet causes (Bitcoin, tax evasion, Austrian Economics, tax evasion, … 91 more words


Another day in the life

I don’t even know what to say about today. 

Finding a job in Berlin is hard. Like, really really hard. Also gives me an excuse to stay inside, if the cloudy-cold weather wasn’t enough in and on itself. 320 more words


La Sopa de Typo, Por Favor?

I have nothing of substance to add to the Internet at this time. Except for this facepalm-inducing typo that I stared at for 10 minutes at a supposedly upscale hotel in Salt Lake City. Dios mio.