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You did it… and it was epic… and it was… FAIL worthy on levels that just don’t do justice to any spoken word. So what choice are onlookers left with to express the level of disaster that you just accomplished? 285 more words


I feel safer already!

Self-described TSA employee: “You don’t have shit for rights. If you don’t like it shut the fuck up.”

A woman named Rebecca Hains expressed skepticism on Facebook about the TSA’s effectiveness, and a self-described TSA employee excoriated her for speaking out. 25 more words


Fashion Watch, Downtown Cheongju

Found these glories whilst walking downtown. Both made me do doubletakes and I thought that made them worthy to share with y’all.


World Cup 2014: So Now What?

By Javier Soegaard

And irony of ironies! as we like to say here at Catholic How.

ESPN posted a wonderful article by acclaimed sports journalist Wright Thompson this morning called “The Rio the World Cup Didn’t Show.”  In it Thompson talks about his encounters with social advocates and journalists working in the tattered and violent streets of Rio’s… 577 more words

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