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Today my theme is vintage! I love faded floral prints and pleated skirts.

I love these shoes and I would totally buy them if I wasn’t broke… 56 more words


selfies 2

Sketchbook Skool Boot Kamp, under the topic “selfies” I draw my mirror self in one line. And, yes, I did it twice – amazing how my mood is shown so clear…..


New project on the horizon. Faces- the one we show to others and the one we have inside us, just for ourselves… Very excited and curious where this idea will take me.


All the Same

Their faces are all the same
They smile, they scowl, they play the game
There is no love lost, no remorse, no regret, only promises of pain… 14 more words


We all have one or multiple.
I wear mine when I step into this place.
Lashes lowered, lips stretching like I’m interested.
The noise blurs together. 147 more words