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11.23 ...touche...

11.23 …touche… CD 610

every Thanksgiving
the table transforms; faces, plates
location and time

some will not return
how can we tell them that we… 52 more words



The dilemma of a shopper.
One Friday morning,
in a local market.


WPC: Angular


bony and lean; gaunt


Weekly Photo Challenge


Laws are fun!

In a¬†math class you are expected to know and memorize¬†formulas, just like in a science class, it’s a lot of memorization. Sometimes I get so overwhelmed by the memorizing the rules that I forget the most simple basic rules. 204 more words

I Remember That Face or Ssshhh I am Addicted to That Face

This is a very new thought that has occurred to me recently, why some faces are so attractive or addictive will be the most apt word and just looking at them gives you a sense of happiness a sense of fulfilment while you have nothing to do with that human being in particular, in fact you have never ever meet him/her and there is no remote possibility for the future. 215 more words