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Let's Cleanse

A clean, unclogged face before bed and a smooth, fresh blank canvas in the morning is of the utmost importance. Regardless of the weather, or what you’re wearing, you can’t hide your face (unless you’re on the slopes in the middle of January). 1,012 more words


3 Top Neutrogena Products I Recommend

The Neutrogena Wave has helped my skin so much i have oily skin my face gets really oily around my T-Zone which is the forehead and the bridge of your nose i also get dry patches around my face mostly around my chin area, this product doesn’t smell bad at all it gives a light clean scent, it refreshes your skin leaving it smooth and you’ll notice it within one use. 349 more words

Rise and Shine

Cleansing Ritual

1. Neutrogena Make Up Remover Wipes:

Obviously I skip this step in the morning but it is absolutely essential at night. My face feels disgusting by the end of the day and every girl has remnants of make-up, whether its visible or not. 449 more words

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My Skincare Routine!

Hey everyone! So today I just wanted to show you my extremely simple skincare routine! My skin is almost perfect, the only problem is that I get little bumps and pimples every once in a while. 277 more words


5 Steps For Banishing Blackheads At Home

Hello Gorgeous! Blackheads are the absolute worst–trust me I know. I must admit I do get blackheads from time to time and it’s so frustrating. We all know that there is not one miracle product that removes them permanently however there are some things we can all do to discourage them. 208 more words


Sibu Beauty Balancing Facial Cleanser Review!

Disclaimer: This item was sent to me for review

For the last two weeks I have been testing out the Sibu Beauty Balancing Facial Cleanser! 389 more words


One great, one not so great, product

Browsing through Sephora I decided to ask the rep about their more “natural” products as I knew I needed to replace my beloved Clinique Even Better Moisturizer… 386 more words