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SORT OF A DOODLE: Making Faces

So, “why is it ‘sort of a doodle’?”, you might ask.

What? You didn’t ask? Well, I’m gonna tell ya anyway, Mister Fancy Pants!

It started as a meeting doodle. 61 more words


What face cues teach us

Can Split-Second Micro-Expressions Help Employers Hire Smarter?

Employers often learn only after hiring someone with impressive credentials that he or she is workplace poison: abrasive, self-absorbed, chasing personal glory rather than team priorities. 91 more words

Behavioral Economics

Seminar: Empowering Characters' Emotions with Margie Lawson

Yosemite Romance Writer’s
2015 Writer’s Seminar
February 21, 2015

How can writers ‘up’ the emotive power of their work?

By tuning in to the nuances of their characters’ nonverbal communication.

315 more words

About Music and Facial Expression

“Do you enjoy music? But why should I ask? Who does not like music?”
Marusia began to play the best part of the waltz and turned with a smile. 91 more words

Anton Chekhov

The Face Matches the Feeling - Experiment 18

The Experiment

You’ll perform the following series of tests twice: once when Luka is around 4 months old, and again around Luka’s first birthday.  In all cases, make note of Luka’s facial expressions during the tests.  451 more words


there's such thing as too much

yup. like this collage of my faces. it is too much to post this collage in social media such facebook, path, or twitter. i think it’s too much even for instagram. 19 more words


ENVELOPE DOODLE: I'm daydreaming of a white pencil

Lots of Christmas card envelopes lying around the house, just waiting to be doodled upon.