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Paper: Optical flow for dynamic facial expression recognition

We developed and analyzed a real-time fully automatic facial expression classification system that uses sequences of frames describing the dynamics of the expressions.
This includes face detection, face registration using landmark points of the face, feature extraction using optical flow and finally classification between six basic expressions. 71 more words

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Pacifiers may have emotional consequences for boys

27 Sep 2012
MADISON — Pacifiers may stunt the emotional development of baby boys by robbing them of the opportunity to try on facial expressions during infancy. 885 more words

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Smile, Frown, and 9,998 More!

Sure, every human can put out a smile or frown once in a while.

But did you know that people can actually make 10,000 different facial expressions??! 14 more words


The power of the face

Your face reflects the emotions you feel. This is obvious: When we are sad we frown. When we are angry our eyes get smaller and everything on our faces becomes more horizontal and set. 502 more words

The Stunning Diversity of Human Faces


  • The shape and structure of the human face varies much more among individuals than do the faces of other species, even compared to species that have far more genetic diversity.
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Grand Observation

After going through my field notes (separate from my field note summary on this blog) I realized I use social media as a distraction in comparison to real time. 610 more words

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Digital Reflection

I have to say, watching myself while I navigated the Internet happened to be both boring and entertaining at the same time. It’s great to have a way to find out what I actually look like while I’m using different forms of new media. 334 more words

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