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FYP Question & Project Outline

To what degree of accuracy can Computer Vision Interpret Human Expression?

Project Outline

For my FYP, I intend to construct a system that can pick up detailed facial expressions that will be strong enough to pick even ‘Micro Facial Expressions’. 157 more words

Facial Expression Recognition

So Simple, Easy and at No Cost! Smiling is a Silver Bullet for Happiness, Stress Reduction and More!

By JoAnne Foist

When I coach runners, I’ve always told them to smile when they train and it will feel easier.  They thought I was crazy, but it worked!   735 more words


Scared Rarity Sketch

Yesterday I watched Castle Mania with a friend, and later scared her (at her request) to get rid of hiccups. So I got the idea to draw a scared pony… The scene in Castle Mania this is based on should be easy enough to recognize. ^^’

Daily Pony

Remedies for hiccups

Today’s post might not seem very exciting or fascinating, however, I feel that it is important. I feel that I should impart some of my wisdom to all of you. 417 more words


55 Reasons

I came across this post on BuzzFeed a couple of weeks ago that listed various reasons why British Men are gorgeous. It’s cute and filled with gifs galore, my kind of post! 100 more words

Richard Armitage

OMOTE - Real-time facial tracking & projection mapping

Project OMOTE is a collaboration between three different artists: Japanese Media Artist Nobumichi Asai, Makeup Artist Hiroto Kuwahara And French Digital Image Engineer Paul Lacroix. As I’m pretty interested in facial animation and facial expressions, I found this project pretty fascinating. 285 more words