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People who don't make faces

I don’t know how to relate to people who have no affect. I only got to thinking about this later in life, but I’ve realized how much I depend on facial and other expressions in interactions. 356 more words


People put serious weight on judgements of character based on facial structure alone.

“There has been a recent boom in research on how people attribute social characteristics to others based on the appearance of faces—independent of cues about age, gender, race, or ethnicity.

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Analogical Thinking

Model: Piaggio Ape
Production: 1948-present
Designer: Piaggio
Manufacturer: Piaggio

Expression: Looking blithesome.

Model: Panhard PL 53
Production: 1959 – 1965
Manufacturer: Panhard

Expression: Looks gay… 441 more words

How Meeting My Other Self on Video Confused Me

I could not get over feeling stunned.

All this time I had thought I knew myself. My inability to stop staring went beyond vanity. I played the video several times, feeling like a monkey. 1,232 more words

The Daily Read: I Suffer from Resting B*tch Face

Resting bitch face: for those who suffer from it, you do not need a single explanation for you are all too familiar with the daily struggles of our kind.  626 more words

The Daily Read

Learn Model Poses and Facial Expressions

A good experienced photographer will be able to provide as much instruction & direction as needed to get great shots. However, it is a significant help if the person being photographed has an understanding of what their body looks like in different positions and to also understand how their face feels when they’re making different expressions. 293 more words


By David Purdy

I loved serving as an elementary school counselor for 25 years. During that time I worked with a lot of great educators, parents and children. 475 more words

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