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Look at that face!

Look at that face!

by Barbara Chatzkel

Yes, make sure to take many good looks at a person’s face during any conversation. The face is the most expressive body language “broadcast center” because there are so many separate features sending out messages. 412 more words

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The many expressions of the little monster

Jim Carey is well known for his rubber face and his crazy facial expressions, but not all of us can make those type of movements with our face, at least not without hours and hours of practice. 734 more words

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These Computer Programs "Feel You"

Rhafi Khatchadhourian at the New Yorker takes a look at new developments in recognition software that are game changers on computers interpreting our emotive reactions to what we are reading/viewing on our electronic devices. 406 more words


Misaki Ayuzawa 6 Facial Expressions

This video was made to help a youtuber drawing Misaki Ayuzawa’s face. I don’t really have much of an idea in what exactly the I should be explaining. 85 more words


Fierce Excerpts: The Emotional Economy.

Now reading | We Know How You Feel, by Affi Khatchadourian


Technology and science are awesome. If I were not such a serial entrepreneur, I would run off today and get my Ph.D. 649 more words

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