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Beyond Wrestling: Feeding Hungry Fans

When you think of  food, you probably don’t also think of wrestling.  They are two things that wouldn’t normally go together, but a small mom-and-pop group out of Rhode Island is trying to change that. 208 more words


VACANCY: Moldova, 3 ST experts for project to benefit CSOs

Killefit consult
consultant sourcing and project management
Technical Assistance project for the benefit of Civil Society Organisations in the context of the Confidence Building Measures in both banks of the Nistru River… 1,042 more words

10 Excellent Guidelines for Students & Teachers: Justice, Peace, & Delight

Found the ten rules below and had to share, especially Rule Eight.  Since most of us play many roles in life, all of us at one time or another are student, teacher, parent, child, etc., thought you would appreciate them as well. 489 more words


Foods You Should Never Eat

Dieter or not, there are some foods out there that no one should be eating.  Sometimes these foods are some of our favorite taste wise, but they are the worst for our bodies.   671 more words

Healthy Eating

Another Ode to Sir Charles

In an earlier post on this blog, I delved into the many reasons why Charles Barkley is such a forceful figure in the world of sports media. 239 more words


The LSP facilitator's challenge

Facilitating is an art. it requires a mix of personality traits, like the ability to guide and lead a group,  a set of knowledge about group dynamics, psychology, and techniques. 800 more words


And Suddenly It All Made Sense

No matter the career you choose to pursue, you’ll very likely reach a point where you’re looking for a sign(s) to tell you that you’ve “made it.” Why? 323 more words