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Facing Your Fears

I am bipolar lots of people know this. Today during therapy we were talking about how I hide in my house and don’t get out much because I’m afraid of people I don’t know. 192 more words

Finding my PURPOSE

I’ve been ill for 5 years now and I really don’t know where the time has gone.  What have I accomplished or learned in these 5 years, if anything I’ve gone backwards not forwards.   545 more words

Living With Hope

What is 'Pass the Tablet'?

What is ‘Pass the Tablet’?

Pass the Tablet was created as a writing exercise to overcome self doubt and release creativity.

Ever since I can recall, I have been in love with reading and writing. 331 more words

Writing Exercise

Public Speaking...

Personal Experience Time: Public Speaking

This last week I had the privilege of not only working with the Paradigm Shift team once again, but I also got the chance to speak to a great group of Educational Talent Search students in Pensacola, Florida. 385 more words

An Unlikely Tale of Bravery

It’s not exactly a secret that I’m not the bravest person to walk the earth. I’d be placed in Ravenclaw, I’ve decided, without the Sorting Hat even considering Gryffindor; if I were a character from… 561 more words


Good thing I’m not in charge of the world.

I’d have a really hard time assessing the changes to be made. It would be very hard NOT to judge all others by my own standards of concern and conduct. 384 more words