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Movies: Should they be factual?

I’m not sure how many people here have seen the movie “Rio” which is a children’s movie that involves a macaw. I have never seen it. 342 more words


So apparently these Bison are running for their lives.....

The now infamous Fleeing Yellowstone bison video, here seen “fleeing”…..


Some idiot swiped it from the original Poster, Leo Leckie (who ironically is a friend of a friend, the way most rumors start), retitled it and started an unnecessary panic, which we’ve had to calm people down for ALL DAY in the office. 91 more words

Disconnected from Reality: Civil Service 'Reform' Report Recommends Gutting Numerous Civil Rights Laws, Denying Access to Jury Trials, and Entrenching Injustice at MSPB

From pages 33-34 of this report by the Partnership for Public Service and Booz Allen Hamilton:

Administrative appeals of agency decisions to remove or discipline federal employees that are currently filed with the MSPB and/or the EEOC would now be handled by a single adjudicatory body, a reconstituted MSPB, with the exception of cases that have been brought to the OSC.

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If Your Caption Contradicts Your Headline, You're Not Even Trying to Fact-Check

Friends, you know how I’m always telling you not to rely on free internet “news” sites for your news? And you know how it sounds really snobby and old-fashioned, which I admittedly am? 195 more words

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False Ethics Accusations

This morning a blogger acting on my opponent’s behalf made false accusations of ethics violations against my campaign. The blogger “charges” me with disclosing campaign reimbursements exactly the way that State Ethics Commission staff instructed me to do so. 20 more words


Legally Student: Alix Piatek

Law and journalism often make good company, but few can imagine the path of one particular law student who has embodied every facet of that delicate balance between the two disciplines. 58 more words


Is the DA’s Western Cape Story a ‘good story to tell’?

Helen Zille, the leader of South Africa’s opposition Democratic Alliance, says her party has the “best story to tell” ahead of the 2014 general elections. 111 more words

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