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Interview: HIVE Collective

Art in Liverpool met with HIVE to talk about their involvement in syn-dro.me, an exciting new local arts project.

Who or what is syn-dro.me?

Syndrome is a new programme with a remit to develop affecting new media performance, devised in response to what we perceive as a lack of development and collaboration opportunities for live work across AV, new music, theatre, spoken word and the hacker community. 1,380 more words

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Very Good Friday

YESTERDAY AFTERNOON, about 4-ish, I was walking solo down a narrow Colonial street strung above with banners colored purple and white. Are those Good Friday colors, or Jesus colors? 321 more words


Did You Know?

It is now virtually impossible for a student to write an essay pertaining to the themes and symbolism of The Great Gatsby without involuntarily plagiarizing the work of at least another person,due to the sheer quantity of paper written about F.Scott Fitzgerald’s novel. 28 more words


Knock off Nigel is back! - You won't believe who it is.

If I may we will start with Knock Off Nigel.  For those that don’t live in the UK and maybe missed this treat, its an advert showing the evils of Copyright infringement, or it tries too.   1,363 more words


The first few back and forth's between an athiest and a theist

So, I was reading Jezebel as I far too often do and came upon this article with the following passage:

I guess I’m an atheist. Or I would be if I identified as anything, except — like a lot of my peers — I don’t.

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True Facts About the Tarsier

Here are some facts about the tarsier:

  • The Tarsier is one of the nature smallest primates.
  • It is named after its long impressive bone.
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Q is for "Quest for Life"

I don’t know how to act
But certainly wanna enact
It’s gonna be intact
Not many can understand it’s impact
This is a freaking fact
Fact of life.