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Jealousy Rationale .... Gabriel's Requiem

Jealousy is a very irrational and complicated emotion. 

Such an emotion is never truly conducive to my mind or my interests.

It often takes me a while to understand that I am in the grip of jealousy and it is a weakness that I need to work on. 939 more words


My Christmas present to you: proofreading tips (and my year in summary)

With the flurry of activity in the Spellegance family household this morning, it’ll be a short one from me this week!

I thought I’d start with my Christmas gifts to you – firstly, a link to a blog from 9 December, … 438 more words

Poop hole, solar heat

EARLY WEDNESDAY we left the construction crew working at the Hacienda and drove the 40 minutes down the mountainside to the state capital for a bit of shopping. 573 more words


I met the Angel.......

“The only disability in life is a bad attitude”– Scott Hamilton

Attitude determines almost everything. How beautiful the world would have been if we could change certain attitudes towards certain things. 876 more words



They say missing someone isn’t about how long it’s been since you’ve seen them
oh, but it’s been a long time
or the amount of time since you’ve talked… 140 more words


Can we attenuate our relationships?

What’s the perfect girl if it’s not the perfect time?

  1. Don't Tell Me You Love Me

At this point in my dating life, I have learned that you can be with the right person at the wrong time, and you can be with the wrong person at the right time. 327 more words