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You're such a jewel

Don’t know what to do with your ashes once you have been cremated? Well, the offer in the funeral market is pretty wide. You can have them sent into space for a little less than $700, made into a diamond, turned into “sand” for an hourglass or stuffing for a teddy bear.


Fact No. 3726

Bowlers have to play like they’re having sex. You’ve got wood in the alley, balls in your hand, and lube for the game. Too much lube and you won’t get a good hook to hit the sweet spot, not enough lube and you won’t make it to the end, if you end up in a gutter, you’re doing it wrong.


Making a killing

Talking about killers, it has been estimated that there are 35 to 50 serial killers active in the United States at any given time.


EXO FACT (random)


1. Suho said the one who performed at SMTown wasnt himself, it was his sister


2. Tao: There was a wig backstage, and Luhan wanted to try it, and honestly it was quite pretty. 741 more words


Fact No. 530264

The pollen is so bad right now that the trailer park people are changing crystal meth back into Sudafed.


Weekly Diary


June and I woke with small items of Victorian jewellery – I would have preferred something that looked more modern but I admired the craftsmanship. 1,028 more words



If I showed you

the shape of my heart

all bloody and

soft and out

of         my control,

could you still love me?

Like me even? 136 more words