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Eid Mubarak - Haiku.

<< Gone – Haiku.

                     One Month That Passed By,

                                   We Prayed For Purity Of

                                               Mind Body And Soul.


Gone - Haiku.

<< The NOW – Haiku.

 My THEME was :  This image. 

       The Green Is Now Gone.

                            Do Humans Own The Planet ? 

                                               Lets Get Out Of Here. 

Eid Mubarak – Haiku. >>


The NOW - Haiku.

<<  ARRGHH… – Haiku.

 My THEME was :  This image. 

                       Past Is History,

                                       And Future Is Mystery,

                                                        Live In The Present.

Gone – Haiku. >>


I can agree...with him?

This poem originally appeared on the Heavenly Princess blog…

I know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover…
but I could tell just by looking at him we’d disagree… 237 more words


A Much Earlier Weekly Diary


Today did not go as the Victorian school room of children in my head thought it would. I planned to go out very early in the morning but I was surprised to discover that it was raining so hard the water had condensed into glass containers holding extinct snakes pickled in vinegar. 405 more words


Did You Know... #2

Assassin’s Creed the movie has been in production for a few years now and Ubisoft has said that the film will be released into cinemas around the world in may 2015. 7 more words

Did You Know...

A taste of Paradise?

I live on an island with beautiful weather and beautiful beaches, beautiful women and beautiful scenery. Then there’s the richness of oil plus natural gas driving the economy always keeping us above the line in this current society.