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Jamie Hunter: The Prophet

The saddest thing about following a trail when you do not know what you are hunting is that often you will think that you have caught a glimpse of it. 736 more words


The Secret Life of Jamie Hunter

*Once again my lack of commitment and consistency has struck again. It’s a gory tale that may have a wicked witch who slays everyone who loves her. 520 more words


Classifying Characters: Harry Potter

The Classifying Characters table will be published every week (hopefully, if I can stay on schedule) with a new fandom. The three categories are:

- House (from Harry Potter): Hogwarts students are sorted into one of four houses: Gryffindor, representing bravery and chivalry, Ravenclaw, representing intelligence and wit, Slytherin, representing ambition and cunning, and Hufflepuff, representing loyalty and hard work. 115 more words


IRON WIND - Black Sand

The road to A Better Tomorrow continues…. The RZA has now announced the album’s release date: December 2, 2014… suddenly the holiday season has come early. 227 more words


Tony Hawk celebrates 10 years on Faction, Tenacious D rocks the anniversary party

Airing Tuesday 9/30 at 7 pm ET on Faction, Ch. 41
Rebroadcasting Tuesday 9/30 at 10 pm ET, Wednesday 10/1 at 3 am and 12 pm ET, Thursday 10/2 at 6 am ET, Saturday 10/4 at 8 pm ET and Sunday 10/5 at 1 pm ET… 179 more words