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Grey’s Diary: “The Boring Life of Mr. Grey” (Day 5)

I’ve missed doing this. The past few days have been filled with so many activities. Exams ended on Monday. That same day I had to start editing the photographs I made over the weekend in a photoshoot I had at a dinner party here in campus. 271 more words


Grey’s Autonomy: “The Boring Life of Mr. Grey” (Day 4)

Exams today. Not tough, but not the kind of exams in which you would be sure of what you might score.

Minutes before we began the mood was more tense than necessary. 265 more words


Grey’s Autonomy: “The Boring Life of Mr. Grey” (Day 3)

I was with my mother today in Benin-City. Interesting woman that she is, she still imagines that at this my age and marital status she still needs to pat my back, scrutinise my hair to see if it’s neatly combed, and then she would say “Hmmm, that girlfriend of yours is doing a nice job on you.” … 354 more words


Jamie Hunter: The Prophet

The saddest thing about following a trail when you do not know what you are hunting is that often you will think that you have caught a glimpse of it. 736 more words


Grey's Autonomy: "The Boring Life of Mr. Grey" (Day 1)

***CAUTION: Diaries don’t ever say the real truth; do not believe everything you read here, but never dismiss anything. Underneath every tree, there are many roots.  273 more words