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Vegans, Vegetarians, and Factory Farms

The backyard barbeque is synonymous with summer; most people can’t wait to grill the first burger or steak of the season it brings memories of family and friends, good times and good food. 991 more words

Factory Farm

Thoughtful Thursday...

My dad loved to take pictures.  He viewed it as a challenge and enjoyed playing with his camera as he explored hunting, fishing, and spending time with his family.  153 more words


The Economic Case for Taxing Meat


By Charles Kenny March 31, 2014

As tax season ramps up, we’re bound to hear proposals aimed at making the revenue system simpler and more efficient. 712 more words

Factory Farm

Action Alert: Don’t Let Abusers Cover Up Cruelty!


Kentucky: Don’t Let Abusers Cover Up Cruelty!

Just a few weeks ago, The Humane Society of the United States exposed horrific cruelty at a major Kentucky pig factory; including pigs locked into cages so small they couldn’t turn around and mother pigs being fed the remains of their diseased piglets. 152 more words

Factory Farm

Meat Industry-Owned State Legislators Criminalize First Amendment in Idaho

I wrote this on the sad news that Idaho has become the first state to pass the ag-gag legislation:

Idaho is now the first state to pass legislation criminalizing the taking of video inside factory farms as well as the distribution of such videos, a practice referred to as “ag-gag.” Idaho State Representative John Rusche (D) described Senate Bill 1337 as an “affront against freedom of speech and the first amendment.” 302 more words