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Are You A Good Christian Steward . . . Or Has Your Love Grown Cold? Part One

God Gave Us Stewardship, In His Likeness, To Love And Care For His creation (Genesis 1)

“The Lord was grieved that He had made man on the earth and His heart was filled with pain” (Genesis 6 v 6). 1,625 more words

Creation Care

I Want To Be WHAT When I Grow Up???

If you are vegan and spend some time online, you’ve probably heard of the book, I Want To Be Bacon When I Grow Up!, by Ken Skinner. 512 more words


New Thinking

As we strive for whole health in all areas, it’s easy to get swept up in focusing all of our energy on one area. This past week, while I’ve tried to maintain balance, a lot of my mental energy has been put into thoughts of food. 1,222 more words


Why I'm a vegetarian

Most people, upon discovering I’m a vegetarian, ask me why I’m a vegetarian, and then ask whether it’s hard to be a vegetarian and what I can eat. 2,215 more words

Settling In...

There is stress associated with relocating. A trip in a truck, a new address, a new schedule, and new caregivers are just a few of the reasons that cattle may have elevated stress levels during the transition from the ranch to the feed yard. 475 more words


Victory: 'Crush' Video Makers Sentenced to Life!


For three years, PETA Asia has been working with authorities in the Philippines to help them find and prosecute the makers of horrific “crush” videos in which scantily clad girls (one as young as 12 years old) are filmed stepping, standing and stamping on and slowly crushing animals – from the smallest of mice to large dogs who are tied down and helpless. 313 more words


In loving memory

Today is World Animal Day, a day to remember all the animals in our world; those we call our friends as well as those who have fallen victim for our use in any form. 142 more words