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Becoming Vegan - From New Hampshire to Hawaii

Becoming Vegan

When I initially decided to transition into becoming a vegan, I don’t think I was fully aware of the magnitude of it. Having only followed a vegan diet for a little over a week now, I’m still nowhere near the point of seeing the deep impact it will have on my life and all the changes that will occur in my body and mind alike. 1,290 more words


Inside the World's Largest Indoor Farm

National Geographic profiles an abandoned Sony warehouse in Japan that has been transformed into the world’s largest indoor farm. It covers 25,000 square feet and is lit by 17,500 LED lights. 72 more words


EXCLUSIVE Interview with "Speciesism:The Movie" Director Mark Devries


Hi friends!!! I am soooooo excited to finally give you my exclusive interview with Mark Devries, the Director of “Speciesism: The Movie”. If you have not heard of him nor seen this movie, I suggest you change that. 724 more words

Defining Agriculture - an Issue for Farmers & Consumers

What is ethical farming? There are many terms tossed about when it comes to farming and other issues but definitions are much more difficult.

Some criticize large farms saying “I don’t get the resistance to letting the critters enjoy sunshine, fresh air & grass before we eat them?” while wondering why major corporations are worried about their 20 head. 802 more words

Food Choices

Why beef isn't all bad

If you are an omnivore with a conscience, you might have been feeling a little guilty of late. A couple of big data papers were released recently showing that beef production produced… 871 more words

Food & Agriculture

Seeking a Saner Food System

Great article yesterday from NPR on our current food system . This interview touches on many of the reasons why I am a vegetarian but also discusses alternatives to eating factory-farmed meat, such as buying local and free range meat. 127 more words

Where Are They Now? The Story of Floyd

Five years ago this month, CETFA inspectors found and rescued a sweet duck they named Floyd. Floyd was living with thousands of other birds on a duck factory farm. 333 more words