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Nothing Like Humiliation to Make You Sober?

Hopefully? I’m pretty sure definitely because it was NOT PRETTY.

Allergies can remain dormant for a long time. The humiliation? I thought I’d try having some beer again after it made me so sick a couple of years ago. 321 more words

Facts About Patient Anonymous

When IS Rock Bottom?

Hopefully you can try and follow this Post because it will not be written so well.  Brief too.  Sickness.  Oh, sickness.

How many times do you say you’ve hit “Rock Bottom” when you’re really just sinking further and further down the ocean.   749 more words

Facts About Patient Anonymous

One Last Thing About Motivation to Quit Drinking

The “Anniversary” of my cat dying is tomorrow. I don’t even know or want to know how many years ago it was. It rendered me incapable of having any more cats because… … 198 more words

Facts About Patient Anonymous

If I Was the Stock Market? Burn Your Currency Just to Keep Warm

I have a calendar to mark the days I don’t drink and those I do. I start off with a red ‘X” but later in the evening, it gets slashed over with a big black ‘X’ meaning I eventually went out. 196 more words

Facts About Patient Anonymous


Went out. Couldn’t stop. Got in a damn near fight. Want it to stop. I don’t know how.

Will WordPress on my mobile FINALLY work?

Facts About Patient Anonymous

Well That Was Pretty Shitty

Substance Detox and Withdrawal can cause diarrhea.  Sometimes explosive diarrhea.

I’ve been relapsing all over the place so guess who had to run to the bathroom just now?! 600 more words

Facts About Patient Anonymous

PAs Gotta Go to Rehab...Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.

I can no longer do it on my own. Not llike before? I’m going through so much triggerery shit read now, but so what?

Well, it’s a perfect time for an addict (that would be me!) to completely get run over the bandwagon she I feel off it. 254 more words

Facts About Patient Anonymous