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30 Day Blogging Challenge Day 28: What I Have To Offer

Thinking about getting something different for Xmas this year for someone? I can help! As part of The Healing Pathways, I am a healer and intuitive reader. 317 more words


Faeries and Folklore, Part Three

Leo Elijah Cristea’s third post on Faeries and Folklore at Fantasy Faction discusses some famous faeries from folklore and literature.

Sighted Elsewhere

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A Still Life

Let me capture a still life.

I choose a light-pink rose petal with yellow at its roots. It glistens with a million microscopic sparkles, which take a practiced eye to see. 258 more words

Western Writings (WWU)

Fiona Broome ~ How Shakespeare changed everything

How Shakespeare changed everything

by Fiona Broome

Shakespeare’s plays changed almost everything that we think about faeries.

Before Shakespeare wrote about them, most people were… 594 more words

The Fairy Investigation Society

I may have to check these folks out. I’ll definitely be taking their online survey of faery beliefs.

The Fairy Investigation Society (FIS) was founded in 1927 by a British man named Quentin Crauford.

80 more words
Sighted Elsewhere