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Away with the fairies

If anyone is on the market for awesome books and articles about fairies and fairy lore? I would highly suggest: “Away with the Fairies” Wise Folk, Healing, and the Otherworld in Irish Oral Narrative and Belief by Timothy Corrigan Cornell. 24 more words

Fairy faith and its lore

I feel that in my previous list that I did not stress enough how important this book is.

The Secret Commonwealth of Elves, fauns and fairies by Robert Kirk was written in the 17th century, and is one of the most important texts when it comes to fairies, interacting with them, and the “Second Sight”. 448 more words

Lava Lamp Faeries

I always  knew faeries existed. I just needed to look in the right places. I scoured nature for years and continued to come up empty. It wasn’t until I’d nearly given up that they found me. 335 more words