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Friday Favorites

For this blog post, I wanted to try something a little different. Usually, I write about more serious, introspective topics; but, those of you who know me know that in addition to my contemplative side, I also love to have fun and can get pretty elated over simple things. 985 more words

Why Burn Books When You Just Can Just Ignore Them? Fahrenheit 451 Revisited

While puttering around in the library a couple of weeks ago, I looked down at the cart where they put the recently-returned DVDs and caught the soulful gaze of Julie Christie on the cover of the recently re-issued 1966 film version of “Fahrenheit 451” directed by Francois Truffaut. 1,112 more words

A thought, perhaps.

I’ve been thinking. Dangerous, I know. I think a lot faster when I don’t sleep, when my mental processes aren’t clouded by ambien. On the other hand, sleep and the ambien that allows me to get it constitute vital bricks in the wall between my imagination and my perception of reality, so I sacrifice a few RPMs to keep them from bleeding together. 248 more words

Nuestro Fahrenheit 140º

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No me he vuelto loco ni me van a obsesionar los tweets de los internautas. De verdad que no. Déjeme que me explique. Ayer un conocido tuitero… 564 more words


Stop Reading this Post

Have you stopped today?

Stop right now.

My post to you today is more of a PSA than a blog post. But of course, it comes with an anecdote. 168 more words

Experiencing Life Sensually

One of the major themes in Fahrenheit 451 focuses on how the characters in the book experience life, which is basically not at all. In their society, they do everything they can to stifle and suppress emotions and experiences: they drive cars fast, take antidepressants, stare blankly at t.v. 615 more words

Life Ponderings

The Top 6 Hipster Protagonists from Classic Literature (because Top 10 is so mainstream)

Soooo, if you haven’t been lucky enough to come in contact with a Hipster or a group of Hipsters (often called a Stache of Hipsters), then let me enlighten you about their characteristics in two sentences or less. 1,401 more words