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1. Fahrenheit 451

There’s no better way to kick off things than with Ray Bradbury’s “Fahrenheit 451.”  Seriously, it’s a book about books.  Granted, it is a book about books being banned and burned in an alternate/future world, but the importance of books is at this novel’s center. 313 more words

Banned Books

Ray Bradbury Does Science Fiction With A Purpose

Okay, book #8 of the new year is done, and it was crazy. I read The Illustrated Man by Ray Bradbury, which was a collection of 18 short stories plus a prologue and epilogue for some context. 844 more words


YA Dystopia: Where the Chicks Get to do the Cool Stuff

I just finished re-reading George Orwell’s 1984. I say re-read because I read it once in high school (didn’t we all?) but I felt as though I was reading it for the first time because all I remembered was a white male protagonist, an oppressive regime and something about sex. 604 more words


Mega Monday- Fahrenheit 451 And Other Things

Hello again, my dear readers (you actually exist- what a surprise!), I’d like to talk to you today (MEGA MONDAY) about this book I’m now reading. 392 more words



It was a dark and stormy morning
as she got into her car
and became contemplative on the drive

She wanted to be Clarisse to his Montag… 123 more words

New Poems

The Secret Life of Books - GUEST POST

Surly Joe Dreams: A Mostly True Narrative of Literature and Nonsense

The sound that woke me from a semi-deep sleep was a loud dull thud. I sat up, startled and immediately alert. 609 more words