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Fahrenheit 451 Exploratory Draft

Exploratory Draft: Fahrenheit 451

My original proposal: I’m interested in writing about Captain Beatty and his relationship with books because I want to understand whether or not he was trying to help Montag break out of the system. 491 more words

Fahrenheit stream of consciousness

When we read Fahrenheit 451, I have the students (8th grade) write a response to each of the parts, right after they have read it. 201 more words


Book #137 - Fahrenheit 451

I borrowed this book off my sister one of the last times she came to visit, I think. I know Alex was reading it (the only book I’ve *ever* seen him read) one of the last times he came to visit too, so it was floating around the edge of my consciousness for months before I actually bothered to pick it up and get through it. 397 more words


Tick Tock

This is one of two stories I wrote that was inspired by Fahrenheit 451. In this one, I take Clare’s perspective and attempt to elaborate her death, which I found unclear when I read the book: 1,213 more words

Liner Notes

Fahrenheit 451

If being a substitute teacher is a fun job, then being a substitute librarian is even better!  Although I need to check books in and out, re-shelve them, collect fines, and most of all help students with the printer, I still have a great deal of quiet time.   1,193 more words


What We Can Learn: Classics

Hey everyone! Today we’re talking about classics (be prepared for a small rant).

So I go to a classical school, which means, obviously, that we read a lot of classic books. 626 more words


The best sentences in literature

So, I stumbled upon this post on BuzzFeed about the most sentences in literature. And my first thought was:

This is why I love literature!”

222 more words