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Redbox Chat - Customer Service Lost in Translation

 KathyaE: Hi my name is KathyaE, please give me one moment while I review your question.

 Ryan G: ok

 KathyaE: Thank you for waiting, Ryan. Sorry to hear that you were unable to use your credit.

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Limerick 6

I was wondering when this one was going to come up. It’s the limerick most people think of when they think of limericks, but what I like best about this guy’s interpretation of it, is that he bleeped out “dick”, but left “fuck” in. 84 more words

Creating a Membership Program Update Video for Recruitment & Retention – Part 2

So, back in early May, I wrote the first part of this topic here. I’m embarrassed to report that it’s now late July and I’m still trying to finalize the video. 379 more words


Did This Groom Go Wayyy Too Far?? Biggest Wedding Cake FAIL EVER!!

Oh My God!!! Can we say divorce??! haha Well maybe that’s too far, but what this groom did went wayyy to far. He shoved the entire wedding cake in the bride’s face!! 7 more words


Summertime Fails You Hopefully Never Deal With Yourself [PHOTOS + GIFS]

If you thought that sunburns were the worst thing that can happen to you during the summer, think again. There’s plenty of stuff that can go wrong when you’re having fun in the sun–and a lot of it is probably your own d*mn fault. 48 more words



Fuck you. You make my life miserable. You make yourself my problem. As if I don’t have enough on my plate right now. As if working overseas away from my baby is easy. 258 more words


How not to privatize

S.P. Chakravarty and Jonathan Williams have a working paper called “Privatisation of Banks in Mexico and the Tequila Crisis.” I’ve read about the problems of bank privatization in Mexico before, but the paper does a good job of detailing what should have been some serious red flags in the process.   195 more words