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Money…..Money……and more money. There is reason they call it the root of all evil. Just the thought of having an abundance of it is tantalizing. Of course I would advise any person trying to make their life more effective to manage their money responsibly, but when it comes to making money I advise a less conservative approach. 161 more words

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Which Kinds Of Sport Should Wear Sport Glasses? 15 more words

Make Like A Tree... And Get Outta Here.

We love our trees. We’d live inside a tree if we could, but too bad we’re not termites. Our ace builder Clint retained as many trees as possible on our acre block and we’ve planted dozens more in the last 3 years… he also put our house on poles so we could look out upon trees and treetops and be enveloped by sunlight and greenery. 1,150 more words

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"Enormous Drill Bit" Strikes Subway Car In Queens Tunnel

Drill Bit Plows Into Subway Tunnel, Grazes Train Car In Queens

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” An enormous drill bit plowed right into a subway tunnel and grazed an occupied F Train in Queens on Thursday.

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No need for a good deed.

We all have those moments when we feel we are a genuinely good person. Whether it’s because we gave the homeless person on the corner our money for  their bus fare or helped the neighbor unload the shopping, it makes you feel good about yourself. 284 more words