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Japan: The Failed Keynesian Experiment

TomWoodsTV, Nov 2014

Bob Murphy joins Tom to look at the disaster that resulted from a quarter-century of Keynesian policy in Japan.
Time: 26:48


The ultimate grad student guide to survive (and pass) qualifying exams

Most qualifying exam stories come with the same take home message: it’s the worse moment in the life of a PhD student. My story is no different than the others: several times I considered just walking out the door, heading to the airport and taking the first flight back home; all I put in my stomach in the last three days of the quals process were 24 cans of coke and a giant bag of dinosaur shaped nuggets; I would work 15-20 hrs a day, and often question myself if it was enough; some days I wouldn’t work at all, because my brain just refused to, and the struggle with the endless guiltiness was even worse; I couldn’t sleep the night before my oral exam; during the exam I was so tired and got so nervous that I couldn’t think straight, and said “I don’t know”, s-e-v-e-r-a-l times; at the end, I passed, and I cried (a lot). 1,583 more words

The So-called Grad School Life

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone: Chapter Four

You should all go and read Mitchell’s latest post reviewing a much better book than this one. This chapter is not nice. Trigger warning for assault on a child, and for body shaming. 5,064 more words


How To Make Burnt Scrambled Eggs

When your child wakes you up before the sun is even remotely close to rising, you just know its probably going to be a bad day.  211 more words


The Dog Ate My Common Core Homework

Common Core math has been the discussion of many frustrated parents and the cause of many shed tears over homework. More than one post from an angry parent has made its way to the internet over a difficult or impossible homework assignment. 63 more words

Airport Scanner Kills Russian Woman

Woman Dies After Airport Scanner Interferes With Her Pacemaker

” A woman fitted with a pacemaker has died after passing through an airport scanner in the southern…

103 more words