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Halfway There!!! Wheres the TV Magic?

You know all of that “Reality” we watch on TV?  Isn’t it amazing how it always works out in the end?

The chefs always manage to produce an incredible entree in the exact amount of time, even when only given shark teeth and cow tongue. 570 more words

Family Life

Strange Interactions Return!

It’s like Return of the Jedi, except really, it’s Return of the Weirdo.

I was on an innocent break at work, when I was intercepted by a guy with a creepy, dirty crack-nail. 121 more words


The worst gift you've ever received... (30 photos)

BERRY Republic is a place for Berries to connect nationwide! Follow BERRY Republic on Facebook and Instagram to find out what is going on around the country.


Why I don't shop at the same stores as chicks I bang

I almost bought this shirt because of the jokes I could make about this!

Introducing Tactical Tommy Bahama!

This would be useful if I ever found myself conducting reconnaissance operations in Miami or Elton John’s estate.

Failing is an Asset...

I heard it from Steve Harvey first and then the message repeated. Most investors won’t buy into your business until you have at least failed twice. 222 more words

Following Your Dreams

AirForce One Date Night

I know this post is a day late and I missed my post on Friday BUT I got a new job! I now do sales and marketing for a local print shop. 280 more words