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Ice bucket challenge goes wrong as this guy sh*ts himself


Unclassy Kathy

Now the story I’m about to tell you will probably go down in history as my second (yes second, there was that encounter with a lesbian that will always be number one) most failed attempt at being shot down by a girl, and not just shot down, I mean crashed and burned and dragged through the gutter, tarred and feathered and beaten to a bloody pulp, then hung out to dry in front of public display and scrutiny. 943 more words

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I can't eat this (24 photos)

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British Embassy trolls the U.S. over the War of 1812

August 24 marked the 200 year anniversary of one of the worst military defeats in America history: the burning of the White House at the hands of the British during the War of 1812.   502 more words

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Ice Bucket Challenge Fail

So I did the Ice Bucket Challenge, and failed.
I nominated Pastor Paul Kim, Pastor Eugene Cho, Alex Jay Choe, Jacob Choe, anyone else named Choe, and tblaberge.

— J.S.