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The Department of Miseducation

Proponents of the Living Constitution argue that the U.S. Constitution is basically an unfinished document and that it is meant to evolve to adapt to the current times and struggles. 680 more words

The Contract On The Government

The Downside to Meritocracy

Whether or not meritocracy is a reality in the United States is not what I would like to comment on (although I think most people would argue that our socioeconomic hierarchy is not entirely founded on merit). 334 more words

Failing Schools

The Schools Aren’t Broken—Society Is

Those who believe private enterprise and the free market are the answer to all the world’s problems claim public schools are everything but what they actually are—one of the crown jewels of American democracy, the most efficient and effective way to bring education to the 319,000,000 of us, an institution whose superiority is recognized the world over. 1,051 more words

Political Trends

Send in the reformers!

I am genuinely scared for when my principal leaves.

I am scared of reformers, and worried that a reformer will become my principal.

After just a year of studying education reform in my masters program, I was already sick of the word.  458 more words

Failing Schools