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Focus less on type of school, more on student needs

This is a follow-up to this last post: Don’t leave school discipline up to Mr. Petrilli

Just to be fair to both sides, I will also be addressing the inaccuracies in this post, a counter to both of Petrilli’s articles: … 670 more words

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The Equivocal Fox in the Educational Hen House

National discourse on public education has raged about failing schools and failing teachers. There has been talk of an end to No Child Left Behind and developing national educational standards. 399 more words


Can you unravel Ravitch's quagmire?

More of Diane Ravitch’s commentary recently in TN:

Though acknowledging there are “some good charters,” she accused some of making sure low-performing students don’t attend them.

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Diane Ravitch is the "hoax"

ICYMI, Diane Ravitch was in TN recently.

She demonstrated exactly what is wrong with the anti-reform movement. The only hoax in the room was Diane Ravitch. 245 more words

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The Miseducation of Jordan

Meet Jordan

Jordan wakes up every morning at 6:30 am and makes an hour commute to hid destination. Day in and day out he rides around the city, looking at familiar sites. 677 more words

The Department of Miseducation

Proponents of the Living Constitution argue that the U.S. Constitution is basically an unfinished document and that it is meant to evolve to adapt to the current times and struggles. 680 more words