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Too Much Of A Good Thing?

In this week’s edition of “weird shit people connected to UKIP come out with”, an ex-UKIP sort named Julia Gasper has said UKIP is “plagued with transsexuals”. 619 more words


My Bloody Well

I must move on

must let go,

… i am failing

the tears no longer flow, dry

in need of closure

My heart;

ripple … another … and another… 25 more words


Je ne comprends pas!....

It seems like the downfall of this abroad experience is going to be my non-existent french skills? Ive been working through an online program called busuu for the past week and a half and although I’ve made it through the entire beginners section I feel like I’m back in french class in high school, trying desperately not to be picked for reading out loud. 69 more words



I wonder if it’s just me, because I really feel alone in this. I continuously make mistakes while being aware that I am making them, but not really being able to stop myself. 159 more words

Overcoming failures - Discipline yourself!

You got a dream and you are adamant about living your dream. But in this journey failures are bound to come. Failures can come due to lot of reasons. 367 more words

Working On My Dream

There Are Times I Just Want To Cry & I Don't Know Why

Something touches my soul unexpectedly

and out of the dark surges a flood of emotion.

I stem the tears and cage my soul in it’s chains. 15 more words