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Delusion of Capitalism and Free Market

A good read on ‘Delusion of Capitalism and Free Market’.

In a nutshell: “Democracy and the free market are rivals, not allies!!”

In very clear way it has explained the mission of organisations like WTO, IMF, World Bank, which is a blatant truth for anybody to see who care to see it.. 149 more words


I am afraid of failure.

I am afraid of failure.

There are things I want to do, but don’t do, because I’m not sure I can do them well.

Perfection. 136 more words

Life at 40

Thanks to a jaywalking little girl, Fojan ended up in the garage with quite a bit of damage. I wasn’t even pissed at the little jaywalker but angrier at myself for not paying enough attention to the road. 557 more words


Have I changed?

Ever since I have been back from the UK, I feel everything at home has a different feel. People in good ‘ole Raleigh are more flustered and irritated by traffic and roadwork. 426 more words

A New Girl In A City Entries

Feeling Christian

I was playing soccer last week and due to several life things stressing me out, I was grumbly. I was muttering when my teammates made mistakes and getting frustrated with my own missteps. 536 more words


A look into my past part 11: In the heart

Before I get into my experiences with holistic healing and how it has helped me, I thought it would be best to let you see my past of who I was. 1,797 more words


Kobe Is Right About Your Failure


Do you know who Kobe Bryant is?  If you don’t, it’s totally cool…I can sum him up in one single quote.

If you have no idea who Kobe is or what he’s about or what his approach to life is…don’t worry, I got you. 1,839 more words