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Today's Struggles and Successes.

Today was full of struggles and successes. I struggled to bring myself to complete all of my prayers for the day. Well, actually, I failed. I have never been a very disciplined person, but I will learn insha’Allah. 699 more words


Truth #One

At the beginning of the year I made my traditional New Year’s Resolutions.  Well guess what? I can’t even find where that list is, but I can almost certainly tell you I don’t think I accomplished anything from it; at least not the things that were of prominent enough importance for me to remember. 517 more words


It's Our Mission Now

As days go by, I see people get further and further and then hit a wall and fall.
Why do we fall?

Saying that we take 3 steps forward and five back couldn’t ring truer in this modern world. 272 more words


The value of telling your story

I think one of the reasons why I love sports so much is because I am a huge fan of the back story.  I get a huge kick out of seeing how all of the best players got to where they were and what it took for them to be great.   222 more words

To troubleshoot, first spot the trouble

Digby Jones has re-emerged into the limelight via a new Troubleshooter series on BBC2. He has already had a high profile career including stints as Vice Chairman of Corporate Finance at KPMG, Director-General of the CBI and a spell as a Government Minister. 321 more words


Where It All Began

It wasn’t a cloudy afternoon, not one with the deep grey clouds hovering above stalking your every move. It wasn’t a sunny one where the sun shone down onto you as the birds tweet and go their merry way either. 1,257 more words

whence came such reasoning?

As the polls indicate the consensus of the failure residing in the White House, and his approach in making coherent decisions, is missing a vital component required of the office held—respect. 234 more words