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Bye bye July... What's on deck?

When I set my goals for July, I was in a weird place. Injured, but unsure of how injured… Waiting for some answers. Itching to do what I love to do in the summer (run,) but being forced into rest and caution. 384 more words


Should I wait? Will I ever get better?

I know in my last blog I wrote all kinds of positive things but after my best friend got a bf, my husband (soon to be ex ) left for 3 weeks, I got into a fight with my family I just can’t handle this life. 341 more words

What are you afraid of?

What is the worst thing that can happen?


The Gaussian curve

The truth is that when I go to sleep, I always hope to don’t wake up anymore. Well, it wouldn’t be a memorable way to die, it wouldn’t do a great scene like throwing myself from a balcony or under the train. 346 more words


Life Is Choices

Life is choices. Choices have consequences. And it’s these from these consequences that you are able to learn what kind of life you are living. 213 more words

Before the “After” – Under Your Control

A recent article by Pratik Dholakiya entitled Don’t Fail When Your Business Fails: Tips for Bouncing Back recently crossed my desk.  Published in Fast Company online, it was a solid article about coming back “after” business failure. 267 more words

A 3 month Check up

3 months since I graduated, and I am no where close to a place of “security,” as the world would see it. I volunteer at a great place called CURE, which is one of the very few non-profits I actually believe in. 1,192 more words