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Why failure is a catalyst for success

Because, let’s face it, everybody makes mistakes. Rare are the moments when everything goes exquisitely and perfectly the first time. To be truly innovative, it’s imperative you go outside your comfort zone. 170 more words


A crazy person's monologue

I hate blueberries.

“But they’re so delicious! They’re a superfood! They’re amazing and so good for you and you’re just so wrong!” I’ve heard every argument from the people who have heard my deep, dark secret, but I don’t care. 525 more words


time off healthy

I’m so sorry for being such a bad blogger as of lately. As you all know, I have started a new job in January and I still am getting used to it. 362 more words


Someone Else’s Success Isn’t Your Failure

I heard this quote the other day when I was watching an interview with Jim Parsons (my latest entertainment obsession, because I think he’s a comic genius and an amazing person, and because… 309 more words

Stories Behind The Stories

The GOP's Last Hurrah

This meme came across my timeline a little while ago from Reince Priebus, the Chairman of the Republican National Committee. Just like every other post from the Chairman, it is anti-Obama. 722 more words


Just Out of Reach

‘We cannot live only for ourselves. A thousand fibers connect us to our fellow men’. – Berman Melville


SNP Education Failures

Another superb bit of research, this time from Do Not Break Our Unity

SNP dismal record on education:-

1. SNP failed miserably on education:-
http://www.sundaypost.com/news-views/scotland/snp-failed-miserably-on-education-1.730453… 190 more words