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How do you keep yourself motivated when you're faced with challenges or failures?

It’s a tough one but only if you do not have a plan or goal.

There’s really no complicated formula for driving yourself forward. You have to be motivated by something bigger than yourself. 762 more words

The Negative Thought Reels

My negative thought reels are on overdrive today. Here’s what they have to say:

On Love and Relationships

You’ll never be loved. You don’t deserve love.   482 more words

Anxiety And Depression

#Perseverance + #Courage - #Failure = #Success

We all know that working hard and staying focused will help make our dreams come true but very rarely does anyone speak of the struggle. 248 more words

A Ksd Original

The Phoenix

No pain, no gain. Not just your muscles, but your brain. Wisdom is gained through pain and loss. It’s the beginning of an end, but also marks the start of a fresh beginning. 29 more words

When Something Goes Wrong, Focus On What YOU Could Have Done Differently

A note from our Executive Director:

A few years ago, at a management training conference, one of my mentors shared the following simple idea:

“When something goes wrong, focus on what you could have done differently.” 161 more words


Had a Terrible Dream

My urogyny visit
was a stunning success.
Now taking urgogyny meds.
This is a terrible thorn
in the side
of my psych practitioner.
my mother and father… 66 more words



All these thoughts swirling in my head take reign over my mind and body. Doubt, rejection, self image, failures. They take residence in my mind and like a terminal illness spread and branch out. 63 more words