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My dark skin

My skin colour has always been an extremely sensitive subject to me, especially since I grew up with the same, threatening idea drilled into my conscience: having lighter-coloured skin was good and made you more prettier and better, while dark skin was undesirable and ugly. 932 more words


Happy. Proud. That the idea that Unilever is celebrating beauty while undermining it is gaining cachet. It's a positive campaign that I hope the Dutch giant will respond positively too by amending outs brand name and ad scripts.

Happy. proud. My piece on Dove’s ‘double standards’ is now officially the ‘most popular’ on Marketing Magazine Australia’s website. I didn’t write it for popularity, though, I wrote it because I felt strongly that ‘a brand that celebrates beauty on one hand – cannot undermine it on another with a super uncool, archaic product called ‘fair and lovely’ that should in reality be be put out to pasture. 139 more words


Education in India has and will always be a topic of debate. Either the education system isn’t good enough, too stringent, too lax, too this or that. 1,105 more words


The dark ages.

“All little girls should be told they are pretty, Even if they are not”-Marilyn Monroe.Every culture defines the beauty of a woman in a certain way for example, in African countries like Mauritania and Nigeria a large woman is considered beautiful. 500 more words

Branding And Marketing

These skin-lightening commercials will infuriate you (and should shame India's ad industry)

Advertisements for skin-whitening products in India may no longer be able to depict dark-skinned people as losers, unworthy of professional success or personal happiness. New guidelines by the county’s advertising sector watchdog might force the beauty companies to abandon such discriminatory portrayals. 288 more words