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Never underestimate a goldcrest

I had a wonderful encounter with a goldcrest while I was on Fair Isle – and one that was completely accidental, as goldcrests were far from my intentions that morning. 475 more words


frustration: the knitting/ashtanga connection

Knitting is always presented in such soothing terms. It’s meditative, creative, the repetition occupies a portion of your jumpy lizard brain allowing deep reflection.

True, true. 555 more words


Fair Isle

Last week I had a great few days on Fair Isle: the weather was exceptional, with blue skies for much of the time, and very little wind. 331 more words


TRENDING Fall/Winter 2014-15: Traditional Sweater Patterns


Everyone knows that argyle socks were liberated/stolen by punk fashionistas ages ago. This is a fact most likely appreciated in secret by the nerd world. Mainstream fashion in turn stole argyle socks from punk fashionistas. 701 more words


Blocking -- Why & How

(This is basically a copypasta of a guide I wrote for Reddit’s knitting community, /r/knitting. I’m reposting it here so more people can (hopefully) learn from it. 1,568 more words



I have completed the knitted part of the custom made bag and I have to say I am quite pleased with it. This is my first ever custom-made on request item. 103 more words

Folk Bag

Yesterday, my friend posted on Facebook a knitted bag she liked, it was a cute bag, but I thought she should have one I’ve knitted since I am the knitter here. 114 more words