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Lovely Chili Hot Chocolate with Rose Petals

On a recent visit to Boulder, I had the pleasure of visiting one of my favorite restaurants, Shine Restaurant and Gathering Place. And one of my favorite things about Shine is their offering of “potions,” which are a “thoughtfully and lovingly concocted array of fantastic, non-alcoholic brews, using a rich assortment of herbs, vibrational-essences, juices, spices, coconut milk and natural sodas.” 202 more words


Matr Boomie \\ Authentic Indian Styles Meet Western Tastes

New York — At this year’s NY NOW trade show a unique company is spanning the worlds of modern fashion and ancient tradition by bringing together two cultures to make stunning designs and gifts a double blessing. 478 more words

Real People

Natural Beauty #2

Depois de saber a teoria, há que passar à prática. Isto quer dizer que, depois de eu saber o que é que quero e o que é que não quero em contacto com a minha pele, depois de saber quais os ingredientes a evitar e quais aqueles que podem realmente ajudar-me a ter uma beleza natural e saudável, é altura de proceder à eliminação daquilo que está a mais na minha casa — tudo aquilo que me impede de atingir o meu objectivo. 857 more words

Zen Being

An Intro to Slow Style

Much of the clothing on the racks at my favorite clothing stores is cheap—incredibly, unbelievably, tantalizingly cheap. I can’t speak for all teenagers, but I do think I’m speaking for most when I say how easy and tempting it is to buy bags of stylish, underpriced clothing without paying a single thought about why it costs so little. 578 more words


What is Fair Trade?

Conventional trade seeks to gain profit with little to no consideration of worker’s rights, community development, or environmental stewardship. Fair Trade is a system of exchange that honors producers, communities, consumers, and the environment. 789 more words

Fair Trade

Going Guatemalan

If I had plenty of money I would spend it on travel; whereas, Studly would spend it on golf and motorcycles. Fortunately, I don’t mind traveling on my own, and if I leave him enough food and water he can survive on his own for a few days. 247 more words


People Tree

On my search for organic Fair Trade yet fashionable clothes I have discovered a brand that I think deserves an extra mention on this blog. 297 more words

Fair Trade