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I’m sure most people these days are a little guilty of disturbing the forces inside the music industry. A cheeky free download here, or maybe you bought a shirt off one of those guys outside a venue once, to find it shrank in the third wash or completely stained your whites. 260 more words


A chocolate shortage?

There has been a lot of news recently regarding the world chocolate shortage. Some sources are stating that there will be a 1 million MT deficit in chocolate by 2020. 640 more words

2014 Holiday Gift Guide - Fair Trade and Cause Connected Gifts for Him and Her

I love making the list of what to gift almost as much as the actual procuring of the item.  It’s fun to look through choices and try to find great matches for the people on my list. 337 more words

Everyday Choices


最近天氣乾燥,開始覺得皮膚無法吸收護膚品之餘開始缺水(我是中性皮膚)。經過Sogo,買了Melvita這套堅果油超抵set 裝(一枝50ml堅果油+四枝3ml其他䕶膚油,$240),至今用了超過一星期,覺得不得不推薦給大家。

1.Melvita是來自法國的organic brand,有機加天然成份,用得安心,減少皮膚負擔。若你跟我一樣關心護理皮膚,應該要多留心產品成份。
3. 堅果油用途廣泛,搽面搽甲邊溝粉底搽髮尾一枝過。最近我長期放3ml裝於手袋,超方便。
5. Fair trade, less and recyclable packing materials, 100%worth to support !

前天試妝的新娘子眼利見到,已經即時問我用後感,說要入貨了!最近天氣乾燥,開始覺得皮膚無法吸收護膚品之餘開始缺水(我是中性皮膚)。經過Sogo買了Melvita這套堅果油超抵set 裝(一枝50ml堅果油+四枝3ml其他䕶膚油,$240),用了5天覺得要推薦給大家。

* 後記:持續早晚用,我發現皮膚的光澤感增強了!


Global Gifts - A Short North Gem

Hello everyone!

This post is all about Global Gifts, which is located in the Short North, my favorite area of Columbus.  This store is also where I am doing an internship this semester.   972 more words

Product Review: Trader Joe's Coffee

To accompany my Sunday brunch, I whipped up a little Trader Joe’s coffee taste test to see if I could tell a difference between two coffees we recently purchased.  200 more words

Product Reviews


‘Created’ opened for business in 1975. Known then as Tearcraft, it was a pioneer of fair trade shopping. Forty years on, Created is preparing to draw to a close in 2015. 169 more words