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Explaining Book 1-"Brotherhood In Blood" & My Series "The Enforcers"

I used to think I had control over my characters. As I’m typing one of my character’s dialogue, something pops in my head and I just… 1,007 more words

District Doughnuts: Home to DC's Doughnut Fairies


I’ll happily admit I’ve been stalking District Doughnuts, since I first saw their Tiffany blue sign in a narrow store front window, across from the Marine Barracks. 559 more words

The Faeries of Blackheath Wood

I normally don’t do much reposting from other blogs, but this short film about dark fays is so good it is worth wider appreciation.

I’m afraid Tolkien’s love of the Fair Folk has spread the false belief that all faeries are innately good, angelic even. 37 more words

Supernatural Beings

An Army of Fairies Created With Body Parts Of Insects

Amsterdam-based artist Cedric Laquieze calls his little creations “Fairies”.
Each fairy is born from the union of body parts of a myriad of insects, bones and seeds, sculpted into bright creatures.


Art And Artist

Today's Guidance Card - 20/8/14

Dietary Change

As adults most of us know the benefits of eating properly, but, how often do we make sure we follow through with this!! Very often our bodies are trying to tell us that we are lacking in nutrition, we feel tired but chances are we have slept well, we feel sluggish, get headaches, become depressed, develop a temper and so on.  119 more words


Bottle Fairies - Las Vegas, NV

The Bottle Fairies are beautiful women who deliver bottles of expensive beverages to upscale customers at TAO Nightclub in Las Vegas which opened in September of 2005. 259 more words