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"Golly Gee, Renee Seems Depressed..."

It’s 3:09 am on Thanksgiving and my Ambien has worn off.  I had a rough day at work because I was told by another coworker that there has been “concern” about how disengaged and depressed I’ve seemed lately.   852 more words


Taylor Swift and what she thinks about competition

“It’s the most terrible thing thinking about the idea that most girls’ natural instinct is to look at others as their main competition. This has somehow been ingrained in us since we were little girls – ‘She’s more competition for you than he is over there,’ when really, when you go out into the real world and you’re trying to accomplish things, men and women are your competitors, 117 more words


The Flawed Concept of Fairness

The concept of fairness is flawed.  Life is not governed by fairness, it is only governed by circumstances, and how we react to them.  Each situation is unique; every interaction is on its own merit.  1,388 more words


Press manipulation surrounding the Brown case.

I think the case of Michael Brown is being approached a little too naively. I don’t feel I know enough about the case itself to state an informed opinion, but I would argue that (a) you can’t trust a police force which has been known to make serious mistakes 100% and yet neither can you (b) claim that the attack was purely unprovoked and racist. 153 more words

Justice (or the rules of the playground)

This is not the blog post I intended to write; in fact I had written two poems which were all primed and ready to fly out into the ether. 792 more words


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Attorney Randolph D. Wolfson and Five other Judicial Candidates along with the James Madison Center for Free Speech Ask U.S. Supreme Court to Strike Down Personal Solicitations Ban

         Randolph D. Wolfson, Esq., formerly of Mohave County, Arizona and now practicing Estate Planning law in Sun City, Arizona filed an amicus brief asking the United States Supreme Court, along with five other judicial candidates throughout the country and the James Madison Center for Free Speech, to strike down Florida’s personal solicitation ban citing the First Amendment’s political speech protections as grounds. 890 more words

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