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Stay In Touch my Friend - Crying for Me.

I was happy that I found you old friend.
It was great to hear your voice again.
Like a thousand years had come and gone… 344 more words


Moving forwards with the light

The shortest day brings the return of the light. Now is the time to look forward and to move forward too. It is time to look at what being a druid really means. 253 more words


Lately I have been asking God to help me look at people with a new perspective. For pretty much my entire life, I haven’t been able to come up with a satisfying answer to the question of why some people suffer so much more than other people. 837 more words


College Basketball Referees Are Incompetent

Another college basketball season, continued referee incompetence.

What is their problem?

–  do not know the rules

–  blind

–  do not care

–  instructions from the NCAA to further some goal… 36 more words


In this Together

The juggle between work and home life has been has been a hot topic for women- because many women in today’s society either don’t have the choice to be stay at home mom’s, or given the opportunity, they’d rather have full time careers like their male counterpart. 848 more words


The use and abuse of adjuncts explained...

The use and abuse of adjuncts as day-laborers is presented in Glen Brown’s blog which quotes Alex Keefe, Annie Russell and Amanda Shepard. As often happens, the microcosm in Vermont is the perfect example of what is happening nationwide. 1,701 more words