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In sickness and in health

I’ve been quite crook for about 10 days now, and aside from being pretty much over it, it has given me a cause for much introspection – particularly over the past week. 959 more words

Bang Smack in the Middle

Middle child, middle-aged, middle manager. I am not young, not old either. I have never been first, never last either. I see one side and I see the other.   339 more words


On lines of causality

Yet again a commenter has provided some fantastic insights. I encourage you to read Gregor’s thoughts on my last post. For now I’d like to discuss these paragraphs: 465 more words


Fifteenth Sunday after Pentecost: Proper 20A


Exodus 16:2-15 or Matthew 20:1-16Psalm 105:1-6, 37-45 or Psalm 145:1-8Philippians 1:21-30Matthew 20:1-16

God called Jonah to go to the city of Nineveh and warn the people to repent or God’s judgement would come upon them. 786 more words


A2: Facebook, the rights of slaves and corporations, and state reform

An eclectic mix in US politics this week, with a selection from the Guardian. First, Facebook. America has a tension between the IT-sharing social media it leads the world in, and rights to free speech and privacy. 583 more words


How is it fair that people you want to get rid of or definitely are not supposed to be in your life, stay there like parasites, sucking on your positivity and draining you of happiness (reminds me of Harry Potter) and people who are supposed to be in you life to guide you and make it better just go away. 216 more words

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