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Fairy Tale Tuesday No.86 - The Goblin of Adachigahara

This week’s story comes from The Japanese Fairy Book, collected by Yei Theodora Ozaki. Many travellers have disappeared on the plain of Adachigahara, and rumour spreads of a terrible goblin that lures the unwary to their deaths. 557 more words

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Fairy Tale Tuesday No.85 - A Marriage of Monsters

Finding a life partner in a fairy tale is a perilous undertaking, particularly if you happen to be female. More than one girl has been married off against her will to a cursed prince, a homicidal sorcerer or even an actual wild animal. 1,519 more words

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Fairy Tale Tuesday No.84 - Yellow Lily

This week’s fairy tale is taken from Kevin Crossley-Holland’s The Magic Lands: folk tales of Britain and Ireland, this specific story being an Irish one – or at least that’s where the prince is from. 1,829 more words

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Fairy Tale Tuesday No.83 - Mannikin Spanalong

This week’s fairy tale is a German story from Maggie Pearson’s 2013 collection The House of Cats and other traditional tales from Europe. It begins with a motivated young woman who sets off to find work. 521 more words

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Fairy Tale Tuesday No.81 - The Three Dwarves

This Grimm brothers story introduces us to a widow and a widower, whose respective daughters are friends. The widow proposes to her neighbour, assuring him that if they marry his child will ‘wash in milk and drink wine’ – essentially, that she shall have the best in everything. 942 more words

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Fairy Tale Tuesday No.80 - The Girl in the Basket

This Italian story comes from Ruth Manning-Sanders’ collection A Book of Ogres and Trolls, and begins, as many fairy tales do, with someone’s really terrible idea. 1,015 more words

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Fairy Tale Tuesday No.79 - The Red Pearls

This fairy tale comes from Chinese Fairytales, an anthology by Sun Xuegang and Cai Guoyun, and takes a delightfully unexpected approach to a familiar set-up. A young woodcutter called Liu Hai lives in a small cottage in the forest with his blind, elderly mother. 777 more words