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Once Upon A Time...

I guess I should start at the beginning.

Two awkward teenagers fell in love, as teenagers are known to do.  Girl broke Boys’ heart and Girl went on to live her life (including college, moving across the country, getting married, getting divorced, pursuing a career and then finding her way back to the area that boy and girl grew up in). 322 more words

Baby Mama Drama

April Submission Blitz – Double Ding

So “Gaia’s Gift” is back out in the big bad world today, likely to come back as it is vying for a lone slot this time, and I started work on an adult variant of a fairy tale for another submission. 161 more words


New Queen Quinzaine

Today we crowned the Fae Queen.
Did you hear her sing
Like a lark?

Copyright 2014 Brenda Davis Harsham

Note: Inspired by Paint the World with Words Poetry Prompt, the… 84 more words

Fairy Tale

Is Jesus a fairy tale? What do YOU believe?

What if 


Was all just a…

…Fairy tale.  

And all of this so called 






Was just a fancy illusion?

What if this
story of  149 more words

Psychopathic Wolf

The act of deception in Little Red Riding Hood is intriguing due to its lack of necessity. Why would the wolf not just eat her up and be it done with? 206 more words

Book Review of "The reflections of Queen Snow White"

I was happy to accept a gift of this by David Meredith, he contacted me to review his new book. This is only available on the Kindle for £1.27 however this was on a 60% sale from Amazon.   933 more words


Sometimes I am reminded just how dangerous an education can be. Learning is the vehicle that can carry the human race far into the stars or deep into every imaginable hell, both literally and figuratively, but it’s the figurative that gets us into the most trouble. 383 more words

Fairy Tale