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The Princess and The Black Cloud

Once upon a time there was a princess who lived in a tree in the forest. Her name was Woodlynn and she was a tree fairy. 1,261 more words


Book Review: The Three Little Pigs by Susanna Davidson (Georgien Overwater, illustrator)

The Three Little Pigs by Susanna Davidson, Georgien Overwater (illustrator)

Rating: 3/5 from Elanor

Here is Elanor’s second book review.  Please remember that she is only five, and that she’s new to summarizing and presenting material. 139 more words

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Why I Need Fairy Tales

Having watched the one zillionth romance movie on the Hallmark Channel the other day, I thought about fairy tales. After all, with plots like (1) an office worker bee gaining a promotion to vice president of her company after pitching her great idea to the right person (yet while failing to notice the scrumptious guy in her office who has a major crush on her); (2) a woman winding up married to a famous actor (who turns out to be wonderfully grounded) after she gets drunk one night; or (3) a woman whose adorable son is dying to match her up with his hot soldier pen pal, you’re looking at the modern equivalent of a fairy tale. 725 more words


Fairy Tale of the Month: March 2014 Faithful Johannes

 Walter Crane


I am reading Faithful Johannes to Thalia this evening in honor of her new cat of the same name. She said Johannes followed her home from kindergarten, but I think he “followed” in her arms. 529 more words

Fairy Tales of the Month: March 2014 Faithful Johannes

The Cat

While I ponder, weak and weary, over many a quaint and the curious volume of forgotten lore, Johannes returns to the study. He jumps up onto the edge of a table and strikes the pose of the Egyptian cat goddess… 554 more words

Fairy Tale of the Month: March 2014 Faithful Johannes


I amble today in the enchanted forest, my mind wandering further than my legs carry me, though never far from Faithful Johannes. Three questions float about like the smoke from my pipe. 568 more words

The Tale of Princess Bluebell and The Magic Mirror

Once upon a time there was a little princess and her name was Bluebell. Princess Bluebell lived in a country very, very far away. Princess Bluebell was a very good little princess, but she had one big sorrow in her heart. 890 more words