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As Many As Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast

I decided I wanted to have a blog ages ago, but then I couldn’t decide what I wanted to blog about.  I mean everyone has a blog, and I thought if I’m going to have one then it has to be really deep and meaningful.   203 more words


FairyTales I Just Made Up Kickstarter!

I’ve got a spiffy new project in the works, checkout this video of me talking about it!

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Fairy Tale of the Month: June 2014 Old Woman in the Wood


I creep on tiptoe down the hall, returning from the linen closet with a fresh towel for my evening bath. Passing Thalia’s room I hear her piping voice. 499 more words

Fairy Tale of the Month: June 2014 Old Woman in the Wood

Arthur Rackham

Trees and Keys

Ah yes, Old Woman in the Wood,” says Augustus of my inquiry. “A personal favorite and one that has not gotten the recognition it deserves.” 536 more words

Fairy Tale of the Month: June 2014 Old Woman in the Wood


The veil of “Fairy’s Favorite” rises up around Augustus and me once again as we relight our pipes.

I speak first, “The dove asks the girl to bring him a ring from the hut of the woman in the wood. 551 more words

In this Case, A Happily Ever After Is A Lie

For the past 7 days, I have been blogging about different fairy tales and the various versions that have been recorded of each one. I have been exposing Disney and his sugarcoated films so readers can learn about the famous fairy tale versions that have been collected by storytellers and folklorists throughout the generations. 448 more words

Fairy Tales

This Princess Makes A Deal With A Frog. You Won't Believe What Happens Next. - "The Frog Prince"

For today, I’ve decided to choose a lighter fairy tale to take it down a notch. I mean, not every fairy tale is completely gruesome, you know. 685 more words

Fairy Tales