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A little taste of Norwegian culture

I am on the move, but I managed to post this at Granny’s Garden before my connection is gone.
It is an article about Norwegian Fairy Tales, if you feel like it you can take a look: 16 more words


Insomnia = New Post

I confess, I do almost all my blogging late at night when I can’t sleep.  Then again it is the only time I can be sure of remaining uninterrupted… <sigh>  But I don’t stay up purposefully to blog and I guess you could probably track how well I sleep by the length of time in between posts – what a crazy life I live! 345 more words


Snow White: the Soul

Obviously this art looks pretty strange without any explanation… I have written about it here.

In short, it is Snow White being tempted with a poison apple. 16 more words

Fairy Tales

No Gossamer Wings

The faeries of UK and Ireland have had another renaissance over the last few years, especially in YA literature and TV. I love it! I am extremely fond of faeries, and books about faeries – almost as fond as I am of… 1,198 more words


Catherine Deneuve, Peau d’Âne/Donkey Skin (1970)

The King (Jean Marais) promises his dying Queen that after her death he will only marry a woman as beautiful and virtuous as she. Pressed by his advisers to remarry and produce an heir, he comes to the conclusion that the only way to fulfil his promise is to marry his own daughter, the Princess (Catherine Deneuve). 263 more words


Something Fabulous is Coming Your Way

Cinderella like you’ve never read it before. The most outrageous series to scandalize the gay world will be out on Amazon Kindle. Available for pre-orders now.

Cendre and The Glass Slippers


Fairy Tale Friday: The Masculine Theft of Shamanism (Mexico)

“Woman is by Nature a Shaman.” Chukchee Proverb

“That women’s bodies and minds are particularly suited to tap into the power of the transcendental has been ignored.

1,480 more words
Fairy Tales