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Woodland Friends Hats

I thought it might be fun to get a better look at some of the projects from “Once Upon A Knit.” I made a video showing them off. 21 more words



-clockwise is best, against
the grain,
across axis and all the other
false-drawn lines in between.

Put on your best blush
-colored shades
(future’s so bright you gotta), 22 more words

The Jackass and the Pigs

Once, there was a miserable, grumbling jackass, who was filled with envy when he saw how the pigs on his farm were treated. It seemed they were slopped with delectable vittles, and then left to lie around all die and sleep. 319 more words


The Country Mouse and the City Mouse

Once, a poor country mouse, with not to eat but a few scraps of mouldy cheese, was invited by his better-off city cousin to a feast at the home in which he dwelt. 164 more words


Classy Talk: The Fiction Workshop at Richard Hugo House

Over on the Hugo House blog, my Classy Talk interview sheds a bit more light on my upcoming  fiction workshop. Take a look, sign up, and help me spread the word about it!  36 more words


Death's Messengers

Once, long ago, when Death was walking down a lonely country road, he was met by a giant, who said to him, “What, shall I step out of the way for one I could crush like a little insect between my thumb and forefinger?” … 346 more words


Sultana's Dream

‘You need not be afraid of coming across a man here. This is Ladyland, free from sin and harm. Virtue herself reigns here.’

Rokeya Sakhawat Hussain

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