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Evolution of Fairy Tales: Sleeping Beauty

Today I’m going to tackle the story of Sleeping Beauty. I’ll be comparing the version written by Charles Perrault in 1697 to the 1959 animate Disney film. 932 more words


Neil Gaiman's "Snow, Glass, Apples"

I love Neil Gaiman’s retelling of Snow White.  It’s a good Halloween read.

You can enjoy here: “Snow, Glass, Apples.”

*Not suitable for children.


Then and Now: Thumbelina

Thumbelina is a Hans Christen Anderson fairy tale adapted to animated film by Don Bluth.  Thumbelina is as tall as your thumb and was born by flower to an old maid.   373 more words


Gretel and the Dark by Eliza Granville

This was a little out of my kind of litterature. I usually don’t read stories related to war in any way and to be honest, I probably wouldn’t have picked up this book if I hadn’t been given a copy to read and review. 296 more words

Books And More Books.

Different Kinds of Magic - Grimm's (10)

Aidan looks at Corey standing in the middle of the empty shop, a piece of bread in one hand and a grin on his face that lights up the dark corners. 825 more words


Forming a Sacramental Imagination

David Russell Mosley

Ordinary Time
21 October 2014
The Edge of Elfland
Hudson, New Hampshire

Dear Friends and Family,

As many of you know, I am a proponent of handwriting letters. 584 more words

Faeriean Metaphysics

Gnomes Unite!

Gnomes Unite!

trouble is brewing in Waldendorf Meadows

those darn fairies think they rule the middle earth

the trolls and gnomes have tolerated enough of their fairy airs… 140 more words