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You Saved Me

I was falling in a pit of despair,
And you caught me.
I was starting to doubt that happiness exists,
And you taught me to laugh. 55 more words


fairy path

A side effect of reading (and teaching) fairy tales: things encountered on the forest path seem just a little less ordinary…

Field Trips

Into the Woods: Red Riding Hood's song

Mother said,
“Straight ahead,”
Not to delay
or be misled.
I should have heeded
Her advice…
But he seemed so nice.

And he showed me things… 347 more words


Hansel & Gretel by Neil Gaiman


Having liked The Sleeper and the Spindle, I assumed I’d enjoy another reworked fairy tale by him.

Be warned, Gaiman doesn’t really rework… 658 more words


The Story of the Three Little Pigs

Once upon a time, there were three little pigs.  They were all brothers, but were very different from one another.

There was also a big, bad wolf, but nobody paid him much attention because, although he was very dangerous, he wasn’t seen very much.  640 more words

Fairy tales.

Growing up, little girls and boys see fairy tales played out all around the,. Whether in books or on tv, the prince marries the princess and they all live happily every after. 161 more words