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18 Charming Miniature Fairy Garden Decorations

If you want to do some thing with each other with your children, producing a fairy garden or terrarium in your garden sounds like a genuinely great concept, doesn’t it? 24 more words

Daily Ideas

50 Word Challenge: Those Who Descend

Though this post is in response to a writing exercise to only use fifty words, it still works in my current challenge of visual brainstorming.  I used only fifty words to describe my next image. 53 more words

100 Creatures Challenge--Day 90, Yumboes

Crossing his small arms over his chest, Anan marveled at his luck. Really, he was marveling at the lack thereof. How one simple task could have turned out so oddly was a mystery. 1,017 more words


Be Nice to Spiders

I’m going to back up here from yesterday’s post. I had the webs disappearing because I thought I’d tortured Carl enough. It’s a serious cop-out for a writer to take things easy on a character without justifying it in the story. 527 more words


Blue Belle - Fairy Mini

This is Blue Belle.

Blue Belle loves to sit in quiet and verdant gardens, coaxing little buds to bloom.

You can find Blue Belle with the other minis on their page.


The Story - Chapter 70

Peter returned twice, first bringing Maddie up and then Herman. It was interesting to watch the others when we emerged from the tower. Herman walked between myself and Maddie but kept gesturing for Maddie to walk slightly ahead of us following Peter. 488 more words