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Raphion, the Timelord

[ Fairy / Effect ]

Cannot be Special Summoned from the Deck. If you control no monsters, you can Normal Summon this card without Tributing. This card cannot be destroyed by battle or by card effects. 52 more words


.ID. - NEW Releases & VIP Sampler

Insufferable Dastard sent out a new VIP sampler from her newest series to her groupies!

The VIP sampler features two eyes, system & mesh in one iris size, from each series. 86 more words

Mesh Eyes

The Tooth Fairy

Sassy is slowly starting to lose her baby teeth. So far there have been two that have slipped out during toast and while trying to open a plastic bag with her teeth. 537 more words


IKON - Deadshine NEW Release & Group Gift

New Group Gift from IKON is out!

Hurry over to snag these stunning new eyes!
They have one iris size & no pupils but come with ten eye shines in subtle pastel or vibrant hues. 98 more words

Mesh Eyes

Moon Token

[ Fairy / Token ]

Special Summon by the effect of “Arcana Force XVIII – The Moon”

ATK / 0   DEF / 0


Arcana Force XXI - The World

[ Fairy / Effect ]

When this card is Summoned, toss a coin: ● Heads: During your End Phase, you can send 2 monsters you control to theGraveyard to skip your opponent’s next turn. 19 more words