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life is not a fairy tale

life is not a fairy tale. if you lose your shoe at midnight, you’re drunk. thursday quote


Outside Magic – How To Decorate With Fairy Lights by Design Ideas

Do you like magic? Everybody does but we’re not talking about tricks and illusions. It’s easier than that. Bring magic into your each day life with the support of fairy lights. 39 more words

Outside Magic – How To Decorate With Fairy Lights by Interior Home Design

Do you like magic? Absolutely everyone does but we’re not speaking about tricks and illusions. It is simpler than that. Deliver magic into your every day existence with the help of fairy lights. 36 more words

The Dragon King: Sapphires in the Snow is now on NOOK!

$1.49 on Nook

In a land of beauty and mystery, adventures await a young fairyelf named Arilla. On a warm, breezy summer night, she finds herself face to face with what she has always dreamed of: soft, white leaves falling from the sky high above the trees. 85 more words

Cam & Nilly

Mudpile Wood: Job Swap

Breeze loves to see Izzy, a tiny smiling fairy, visit Mudpile Wood. Her visit means Winter is over because Izzy’s job is to wake up the trees. 465 more words


Fairy hats


Here some of my favorites from the hobbits fairy hats I made for warmer days


July 22nd - Make A Wish 2

It was our usual scooter route home when my daughter spotted a perfect dandelion specimen. She couldn’t resist, neither could I.

We’ve all wished upon a dandelion. 116 more words