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I like

I like just holding your hands.
Staring out of the window.
I like when you whisper softly
In my ear
And the day passes.
That soft breeze that ruffles your hair. 50 more words



We can’t deny this
The in between
The sinking in
The kisses the hugs
The affectionate whispers
Without a doubt
I am already creeping in… 25 more words


The Space Between

I am the cool air
Coming through the open window
Crisp and sudden
I fill the room
Leave you longing for a blanket
Feel my presence… 133 more words

sobriety is a hiccup in my hand

Sometimes I erupt wordlessly,
other times I write in circles.
Today is one of those days,
Sometimes I erupt
…. …. …. …..

A fairytale beginning… 35 more words


The Pied Piper of Hamlin

My wife’s voice is not a quiet one; in fact its brash pushy tone can be heard over any crowd noise. Yet I had never heard her scream quite like I did this morning when we discovered our daughter had gone missing. 287 more words



I don’t trust myself
when I’m with you.

I don’t trust my heart,
My tears, they are meaningless.

I don’t behave when I’m with you. 49 more words


Can't Hardly Wait: Cinderella and her Singing Mice

Just as I was going about my day yesterday, something awesome happened.

Scrolling through my Facebook feed I saw that finally, finally, there’s a full trailer for Disney’s upcoming live-action  372 more words

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