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A World of Happily Ever After

I want a heart wrenching, tissue searching, soul gripping romance.

A book of love

First love.

Forbidden love.

Treasured love.

I want to escape in the passion. 113 more words


Pen on fire

My pen is on fire
She refuses to stop.
Not for anyone.
Not for anything.
My pen, she bleeds for all to see
And her curves and abandonment… 17 more words


The Writing Saga Continues

I have been writing!! It has been amazing!! With time being finite, however, there have been some choices to make, and sadly, blogging fell to the bottom of the list for a while. 673 more words


Before And After: A Fairytale Farmhouse Rescued From Ruin

In the village of Heusden-Zolderin the Belgian province of Limburg, AID Architecten renovated a dilapidated farmhouse for owner (and interior designer) Dorien Cooreman of Moka Projects. 25 more words

Women Ideas

Response When Asked "Why Are You A Misanthropist?" [written in a biology class when I was 15/16]

The simplicity of life was long lost yet I remain naive and forever young in the belief that it can and will be regained!

When one grows up to learn and realize the white lies wedged discreetly between the fairy tales, the cookies and milk left out for Santa and the fact that anyone can fly if sprinkled with just a little bit of fairy dust, he or she now knows the truth of the world, the way the world runs and works, they now know life. 350 more words

A picture says more...

What if the villains got what they wanted?

Images by Justin McTwisp

What if the princesses kicked some serious butt?

Images by Yehudi Mercado

What if the fairytale got hit by reality? 8 more words

Fairytale Gone Bad

What sharp teeth you have....

I’ve cheated again and given you a digital drawing instead of a “real” one. This is, however, what’s been occupying most of my time for the past few days … also, I had planned to post a mongoose and bee-eater I’d drawn but I forgot to photograph them. 376 more words