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You saw this coming, right?

I won’t belabor the point, because I’ve said this before.  When it comes to choosing the bravest character in my cast of weirdos, Neurotic Owl will always win hands down, because he’s plagued by fears of nearly everything and still goes out and has ridiculous adventures.  42 more words

Rags and Bones: New Twists On Timeless Tales

… and here we are. Tomorrow. That is to say, today. And today, I’m going to talk about this beasty here- Rags & Bones… 1,361 more words


After Ever

After ever
Better be happily
Cause I’ve been waiting around
Dare I say hoping
Everyone seems so content
For all the lies spreading
Get this, they WANT you to be sad… 84 more words



Again this is not about me, just wrote it, because everyone assumes that love is an easy journey, and even the love that exists between parents isn’t always smooth, so this just addresses love in general. 194 more words

Life Issues

Is It Rumplestiltskin

Once upon a time

Or so the myth began

There was a poor and greedy farmer

Who promised kings impossible things

For his own rise and money… 250 more words


Grim: A Twisted Fairy Tale Collection

In the beginning of the month, I said I would review three fairy tale collections, but I feel like only two made the cut. (It was a simple criteria- I picked the books on the basis of whether the stories I liked outnumbered the stories I didn’t.) Today, I’m going to talk about  1,492 more words