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Grim: A Twisted Fairy Tale Collection

In the beginning of the month, I said I would review three fairy tale collections, but I feel like only two made the cut. (It was a simple criteria- I picked the books on the basis of whether the stories I liked outnumbered the stories I didn’t.) Today, I’m going to talk about  1,492 more words


Joe Abbruscato - Teacher, Photographer, and Fairy Tale Guru

I met Joe at party for one of my other friends at Casey Moore’s Oyster House.  When he found out that I was going to ASU for an English Literature degree he introduced himself in the following manner: 256 more words


Title: Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Author: Jim Aylesworth

Published: 2003

Suggested Grade Level: Preschool – Grade 2

Gilmore Girl Reference: In Season 3, Episode 2, Francie Jarvis (Leader of the Puffs and President of the Senior class) tells Rory to “wise up Goldilocks” when Rory refuses to let Francie manipulate her and Paris to allow for the hemline of the school skirts to be raised 1 3/4 inch. 383 more words

Book Review

Because Schadenfreude Seahorse is a jerk.

By the way, Slytherin?  Your house crest is easily the biggest pain in the ass to draw.  This is not improving my outlook on how much you suck. 97 more words

The Problem With Fairytales/What is Love?

Like most girls my age, I grew up on fairytales. I grew up on handsome princes, and troll bridges, and happy endings. I grew up with the most obvious of villains, and also the most obvious of heroes. 416 more words


Mirror, Mirror

Written by Rob

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?”
“Depends what you mean by “fairest”, love. Some folk mean ‘blonde’ when they say ‘fair’. 383 more words

Half Hour Challenge