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Are you a church CEO?

I saw it first on Facebook…Because, you know, it’s the place to go to get the news.

Someone wrote, “Tomorrow you’ll see a lot of CEOs at church.  683 more words

Happy Easter!

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday and I’m excited to spend the day with our little ones, Riley and Jack. Riley, turning four next week, and Jack, 16 months, are too young to grasp the real meaning of the day. 178 more words


Life Lessons: Holy Week Thoughts

Divine Appointments. Our church pastor said that there are no accidents. Only divine appointments :)

Waiting. Patience has not been my strongest suit, now God is strengthening this in me. 77 more words


Easter Sunday, 04/20/2014

Imagine if you will…. Go back 2000+ years ago. You have spent 3 years following a man who preached some pretty radical ideas. He told you that you could come to God without need of a priest. 831 more words

Church Service

I give myself back

Last night I watched “The Passion of the Christ” again and just like the first time I saw it, had a visceral response.  Even though it’s a film, it’s hard to watch someone I know be beaten and flogged for my sin.  438 more words

Personal Growth

Life From Death

I watched a video recently from the Smithsonian Channel that was showing how plants have their own version of nerves and electrical impulses (video link posted below).   947 more words