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News of the Day

NEW: Ebola is in the U.S.

NOT NEW: God is in control.

Faith & Encouragement

Time for Change

Hi there, dear friends! I know it’s been awhile since you’ve heard from me. It’s been almost a month…WOAH! I didn’t plan on staying away this long, but I guess that’s what happens sometimes. 316 more words

Faith & Encouragement

Just So You Know

‘In a world full of hate, there is a God who loves you.’
-Justin Sidney

(Justin is the worship leader at my church – he mentioned this during Sunday morning’s service. 7 more words

Faith & Encouragement

Yes, You!

‘God is able to take your life, with all of the heartache, all of the pain, all of the regret, all of the missed opportunities, and use you for His glory.’ 32 more words

Faith & Encouragement

You Will Never Miss Out

Psalms 34:10
Young lions may go hungry or even starve, but if you trust the Lord, you will never miss out on anything good.

I came across this verse last night. 17 more words

Faith & Encouragement

Conquer your Fear & a Challenge

I’m tired of the overwhelming pit in my stomach that rises to meet my throat. I’m tired of being on an up and down emotional roller coaster that makes me question who I am, what I’m doing and who I’m going to be. 613 more words

Faith & Encouragement

Comparing our Children

“I need to teach Jack the bible stories!” I said to myself as I left a playdate one afternoon. While the kids were playing in the sandbox, I overheard the other children talking about Jonah and the Whale. 370 more words

Faith & Encouragement