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Five Stupid Things About Faith Healing

By Steve Shives via YouTube

It’s the slimiest, most predatory and irresponsible part of televangelism. It’s faith healing! And it’s stupid, and a few other things, too.


A Reason To Believe In The Healing Power Of Love

An Interview with Mick Macguire

I have an open mind, but find some things hard to believe unless I have first-hand experience. Faith healing is one of those areas that I want to believe in but have my doubts – until recently. 1,586 more words

Self Help

Why Do Faith Healers Wear Glasses? by Peter Rosenberger

SOURCE: Many living with chronic suffering know from experience that stepping into some churches can be hazardous to your faith. Admonishments such as, “if you had enough faith, Jesus would heal you,” are not uncommon directives from church folk who are not only poorly educated in what the Bible teaches, but also suffer themselves from a deplorable lack of humility and compassion. 1,707 more words

Benny Hinn

Memories of a Stagehand

#2 “I Hears You Comin’ Oh LORD!
The new Black Keys video “FEVER” reminded me of a story from the very early days of the… 676 more words