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In case you are wondering about the picture above, that’s the biblical David, dressed a bit like Robin Hood, and that’s King Saul and in the background his daughter Michal looking coy, and that’s a pile of some 200 dead Philistines back there, and David is presenting King Saul with the foreskins from the unfortunate Philistines, because Saul had said that if David wanted to marry Michal he would have to pay the bride price in Philistine foreskins (read the story… 1,195 more words

Meditations On Life

Shamans with Demons: Robin Williams and Janice Strubbe Wittenberg’s Walker Judson

Most of you reading this will know who Robin Williams was, how he fought depression that ultimately led to his suicide. Far fewer will know who Walker Judson is, a fictional character in Janice Strubbe Wittenberg’s recently published first novel, … 401 more words

Book Review

SFR 296: Don't Drink the Water!

–Toledo Ohio, our hometown, is under a State of Emergency due to a toxic water supply.  We give the scoop on what happened, and what is being done. 192 more words


Five Stupid Things About Faith Healing

By Steve Shives via YouTube

It’s the slimiest, most predatory and irresponsible part of televangelism. It’s faith healing! And it’s stupid, and a few other things, too.


A Reason To Believe In The Healing Power Of Love

An Interview with Mick Macguire

I have an open mind, but find some things hard to believe unless I have first-hand experience. Faith healing is one of those areas that I want to believe in but have my doubts – until recently. 1,586 more words

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