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True Prophets: Hosea one

What does true love mean? This is the theme of the prophecies in the book of Hosea.

Reading Hosea takes patience and spiritual understanding. Otherwise a ‘proper’ Christian will be shocked at some of the actions by faith that God has asked prophet Hosea to do to send His messages to two groups of people (nations) whom God has loved.  547 more words

End Days Church Countdown

S is for ... Sustainability

I am a member of the BYM Sustainability Group, appointed recently as a result of a decision at BYMG to take forward the work on our corporate commitment to become a low carbon community. 878 more words

Faith And Practice

Listen To The Prophets Among Us

December can be a crazy time of year. The semester is winding down and school is starting to get old. Winter sports are gearing up. The days are short and the nights long. 297 more words


Catholic Social Teaching

Practicing solidarity means crossing all kinds of borders, visible and invisible. These include national boundaries as well as racial, ethnic, and economic differences. All people are created equal in dignity. 226 more words

Social Justice

Dias los Muertos

In Mexican culture, All Hallows Eve, All Saints Day, and All Souls Day are important feast days. Mexican families make Dias los Muertos (Day of the Dead) altars, on which they put photos and mementos of deceased loved ones. 177 more words


R is for … Radical Thinking

Now, I bet you’ve never heard Woodbrooke referred to as the Quaker base for radicalisation or the Quaker equivalent of a madrassa. And no, this isn’t focusing on the recent issues over the control of schools in the Midlands (of the UK). 926 more words

Faith And Practice

Loving God and Neighbor

“One cannot honor another person without blessing God who created the person. One cannot adore God without loving all God’s creatures.”

Catechism of the Catholic Church #2069… 192 more words