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Islamic Faith Schools... Aka ........ Church of the Poisoned Mind

This week has been a little shitty for me I have to be honest, i have been suffering with a bout of pneumonia for a week now and I think its put me in a bad mood.   1,435 more words


Can you get into university with an ICCE Advanced Certificate?

Are you a student studying the International Certificate of Christian Education? Are you hoping to go to university? If so, I have some bad news for you. 4,009 more words

Accelerated Christian Education

Accelerated Christian Education's ugly history of racism

Oh hi everyone. Homeschoolers Anonymous is running a series on Homeschooling and Race. As part of it, I contributed a post about ACE’s history of racism. 1,910 more words


The battle for evolution in Scottish schools

Tomorrow, the Scottish Parliament’s Petitions Committee will be hearing from members of the British Centre for Science Education (BCSE) and Scottish Secular Society (SSS). Earlier this year, the SSS started… 1,475 more words


Accelerated Christian Education's survivors speak out

Once more, this week we’re diving into Reddit’s Ask Me Anything about ACE schools. Unlike most AMAs, where Redditors ask questions of the original poster, this thread was most notable for all the other people with experience of ACE who dived in to tell their stories. 1,449 more words


Default Settings in Epistemology

A very quick post to start this Blog off.

When a baby is born in the world it is utterly reliant on other people. Its mind is completely devoid of knowledge except the propensity to perform certain actions (feeding, crying) which have been baked into us over several hundred million years of natural selection. 404 more words


"I feel like the ACE program virtually destroyed my life"

Last year on Reddit, an AMA (Ask Me Anything) about an Accelerated Christian Education school turned into a free-for-all for ex-ACE students. At the time, I  1,584 more words