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White supremacist home schooling

So here’s the most horrible thing I’ve found in a while: White Pride Homeschooling. I don’t even want to give their page the extra traffic, so I’m linking to an archived version of their website (from August 2014). 1,118 more words


Faith in Faith Schools Takes a Knock

The promotion of faiths in our schools has come in for scrutiny, not just on these shores but also in other countries.  England and Wales, uniquely, are the only countries in the western world that require schools to teach religious education.   4,229 more words

Issue 59-Autumn 2014

I am officially heartbroken

This is a guest post by Kevin Long.

I am officially heartbroken. I was walking around the neighborhood with my special needs kid. Trying to come up with a way to spend more quality time together, I said, “Let’s do a song on… 1,181 more words


A readymade toolkit for institutionalised oppression

This is a guest post by Talen Lee, a former ACE student from Australia. This is his survivor story. Be warned, it contains unpleasant descriptions of corporal punishment. 3,308 more words


No Such Thing As A Faith Child

Adults are extolled in the Christian tradition to be childlike in their acceptance of the faith. Jesus says: “Truly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child shall not enter it.” In the first letter of Peter “Like newborn infants, long for the pure spiritual milk, that by it you may grow up into salvation -“ 856 more words

British Society

Faith in Primary Schools

Is faith a good thing to have in a school?

Surely in the UK today faith is a bit…well…odd, out of place…a bit silly?

According to school-by-school league tables, some 549 primaries saw every pupil reaching the expected standard in the three-Rs. 422 more words

Primary School

Faith schools and science - the irrational, unscientific doublethink of the faithful

Why do we fund this kind of thing? Faith schools are a very Blairite concept as well as right-wing Tories.