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Spent-- Too Much


I think too much.

My wonder causes me to wander to rocky, unsettled paths

where questions grow like weeds,

poking holes in my confidence,

crowding out joy. 109 more words



It should be seamless—this eternal life I am living now.

When this flesh is done, the Lilly that I am should gently walk into the Lilly I will be, 296 more words


My Book of Uncommon Prayers: Loosing My Grip

I cannot change much of my circumstance, and often I feel blind,

touching desperately.

feeling my way along,

searching for a way out of this vapor, but finding none—no key, no door. 99 more words


And the Little Bird Sings

And the little bird sings.

The temperature plunges, and ice rain,

not nice rain,

turns to rock as it hits the ground;

and the wind blows and the storm pelts, 188 more words


My Book of Uncommon Prayers: It Was Simple Then

It was simple then–

no syllogisms, no apologetics,

no apologies,

just a “this is” and “the Bible tells me so,” and all the pieces fit. 155 more words