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—What story is God trying to tell through your existence?
We get so busy reading other peoples stories & timelines we forget the significance of our own stories. 474 more words

Seeking Obedient Simplicity

It dawned on me a few days ago – as I stood amidst the rubble of shoes, clothes, candles, books, and papers that is my room – I just have… 658 more words


A Prayer to God: The Reason Why God Never Talks to Us

There is a boy who prayed to God.

This is his story.

Boy: Good evening, God.

God: Good evening, my son.

Boy: I have a question. 949 more words

Random Rants

Make Me Low

I give my breaking heart to You, Lord,

I give my covetous heart to You -

Free my heart from all covetousness

As You hold it in the palm of Your hand. 39 more words

Bereshit, Noach, Lech Lecha

These are the first three parashot in the cycle. These are the first three sets of scripture readings that our people read, study and seek to understand. 180 more words

Where I Have Been

Between yesterday and today, it has been a very long day. My grandmother who is 88 was rushed to the  hospital and she had her gall bladder out today. 60 more words