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Finding a religious community where I belong

My family is catholic. When I was younger, I remember dressing up each Sunday in preparation for mass. Once I grew old enough, I started attending CCD, or Sunday church school as I described it. 403 more words



A message on confronting the claims of Christ by Pastor Dave Gipson, Legacy Church of Naples

How To Survive Your Mid 20s Crisis.

Fear is overrated.

This is Day 1 of my jobless freedom. I’ve decided to call it “jobless freedom” because jobless sounds a little sad and I need to add some positivity to it. 278 more words

“Don’t waste the first half of your life weaving a web that’s going to take you the second half of your life to untangle…” Tina Allen

that dangerous place

“You will never know the peace he will give until you put yourself where you most fear.”

Hearing that we were following God into a new place, a new ministry, a friend of mine who is a missionary in a closed SE Asian country shared a story with me about a big step their family took a few years ago. 598 more words


A Hunger for Unwavering Faith

I am coming back to you, God
As the years pass
I have wavered in and out
Of focusing on your light

I am coming back to you, God… 75 more words