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The Road To Trust

We all want faith that can “move the mountain,” faith that keeps us strong through the struggles and turmoil of life, faith that give us the wings to soar far above the storms that threaten to blow away and destroy everything and everyone we know… but few of us understand how to come to achieve such faith. 362 more words




“(The) new king… said to his people, ‘These Israelites have become too many and too strong for us. We must take precautions to see that they do not increase any further; or we shall find that, if war breaks out, they will join the enemy and fight against us, and they will become masters of the country”.  236 more words



Earlier this year I came up across a quote about change. This quote spoke to me on numerous levels.

“All change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end”

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The Centrality Of The Christ

At this Christmas time it is important to reflect on Who Christ Jesus really is. So in our ‘Reflective Moment’ we take our reflection from the Book of Colossians:   Colossians  1 verse 15 to 18: 256 more words


Friday High Five: Patience and Gratitude.

Faith is compose of two halves; patience and gratitude.

Abdullah ibn Mas’ud is reported to have said: “Faith has two parts, half is patience and the other half is thankfulness… 183 more words


The Caveman's Story

Ita was a caveman. He lived inside a sufficiently large gap within a craggy hill and had arrived there when he was much younger after he’d left his family. 998 more words


The Worst Pre-Christmas Post You'll Read This Season

DISCLAIMER:  This post will be a total downer. It might even offend you if you’ve got delicate sensibilities. Don’t like it? Don’t read it. Or do. 756 more words