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“I’m a good person, so good things should happen to me.” I have heard this phrase, or ones similar to this much too often lately. As a whole, our society has this outlook on life..If we are fairly nice people, we try to do the right thing, and don’t cause too much trouble, life should be a pretty smooth ride. 379 more words

“Live for the One who gave you life.”


Crashing Waves

Like many other beach lovers, I realize that the ocean is home for me. So now I make sure that I get to the ocean as often as possible. 949 more words

A Mother's Blink

August 14, 2014, I woke up to my 2-year-old son smiling at my face, and I had this strange feeling coming over me. This HUGE, wonderful, magnificent overwhelming feeling of gratitude, and love of motherhood. 624 more words


“Don’t waste your time trying to please the people at the expense of losing the hereafter. Remember that there is so much more to come after this worldly life and all those we tried to please over Allah will be witnesses against us.”


The wild one

I remember well. Exactly where I was when I first had the words roll through my mind. 

I was sitting in a coffee shop just as I had through so many nights of college. 838 more words


High Hopes

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High Hopes
one’s concept of hope after smoking a doob? 63 more words