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Betrayal And Redemption

To be betrayed is to endure trickery.

To be betrayed is survive treachery.

To be betrayed is to be let down.

To be betrayed is face deception. 53 more words

What It Is Like To Live With Sarcoidosis

Just trust...

What do you do when everything you thought you had figured out seems to be drifting away? Trust. Trust that the Lord is working everything out, every last detail. 56 more words

Corrupt Operating Systems

I was planning to write about something else today until I ran into a glitch with my computer; fortunately, I have another one I can use until I can get things worked out with the one where my files are saved. 878 more words

The Catholic Church’s pro-life stance encompasses the sanctity of all life, from birth to natural death. However, what is most often focused on by both the Church and those criticizing the Church are beginning and end of life issues, primarily abortion and doctor-assisted suicide. 477 more words


But Wanda Has A Brain Tumor...

Today at church, we got to stand up and tell about things we were thankful for if we so chose to. This one lady, Wanda, stood up and said, “I am thankful for God bringing me to this church. 751 more words

I Am An (In Recovery?) Addict

I am have a secret. Well, it’s not a secret, not really. I’m an addict. Yep, you read that correctly. I, Mary Kathryn Fletcher, am anĀ  800 more words


"Ice Crystals"

“Be you. The world will adjust.”

At first glance, I appear professional and extroverted. I seem overjoyed in my conversations with people and yet deep down something is unsettling about it all. 303 more words