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Psalm 18 -Breakthrough

under his feet an abyss opens up. He’s riding a winged creature, swift on wind-wings. Now he’s wrapped himself in a trenchcoat of black-cloud darkness. But his cloud-brightness bursts through, spraying hailstones and fireballs. 343 more words


you just don’t give up on the one you love easily.
Not at least
until you lose your heart completely…

Dating And Waiting Situation

Life can be very interesting especially as i get older, my tolerance for non sense and B.S. is at a all time high. Relationships can be very tricky and at the age of thirty my time is very limited. 486 more words

What's a Boy To Do?

I had this dumb idea of growing up to become a man before becoming a father. Maybe, it’s a sound idea, made dumb by 946 more words

Prolific Nonsense