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Today I had the sudden realisation that actually the friends that I’m going to be living with next year probably all don’t like me very much and have just accepted me because I’m in a relationship with their best friend. 110 more words

Let them be Petty...


Wow can’t believe it’s been almost 2 weeks since my last post. I have been so focused on school work  and finishing final projects that I didn’t even realize. 644 more words

"Friends" from a distance

Person A: “I don’t want to ever see you again!”
Person B: “Well then you better not look up into the night sky, because I’m a star!” 396 more words


Throwaway Part 2

I felt unloved.  My mother compared me to a father she seemed to hate.  She went around telling half truths, exaggerations.  She threatened to put me out.  873 more words

Throwaway Part 1

Ok.  As promised, here is this blog.  Throwaway, as a noun defined by google means: a thing intended or destined to be discarded after brief use or appeal.  538 more words

Can't find beauty in ugly things

People get surprised when I cut them out of my life without no warning.

So many different faces
Bringing no good to my life kinda person… 306 more words


Friends ?

The Ninth of April Twenty Fourteen

Friends are supposed to be there when your in a time I need, they support you because they care about you. 133 more words