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New Wig Arrived!

It’s a lot nicer than I thought it would be. It has full coverage in the back, and it doesn’t feel like synthetic hair. I wore it to my Coding in the Hospital Environment class.

Don't wig out over fake hair--get the real deal

My dad used to warn me against getting scammed with the old saying, “Don’t take any wooden nickels.” Looks like the modern version is, “Don’t take any plastic hair” (Or at least make sure you know what you’re getting). 346 more words

Protective Styling: Box Braids

Hi everyone!

It’s been a while since I posted a video but here it is! I did some box braids last weekend just to give myself a break for a while. 15 more words


What Are Human Hair Wigs So Popular?

If you love wigs then you would have seen Human Hair Wigs all over the place.
You may have also noticed that they cost more then Synthetic Wigs and there is a reason for that. 21 more words

Top 4 Reasons Extensions AREN'T a Crime Against Humanity (And CC Day 3)

I’m not writing this because I recently got my own set (maybe), but because I think there’s a lot of negativity surrounding hair extensions.

1. Chances are they’re not actually “fake hair.” 193 more words


Nicki Minaj Slapped With Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit Over Fake Hair

This story is un be Weave-able

RapperĀ Nicki Minajknows all too well about disagreements in the hair business because she was recently hit with a multi-million dollar lawsuit by a wig maker in Atlanta. 55 more words

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