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Nails by Sophie: Tropical Desire

I recently started to use my fake nails again. The benefits of fake nails is that you can buy a lot of them at once at a cheap price. 174 more words

Nail Art

A fast and fashionable manicure in minutes: ImPress Press-On Manicure review

The ImPress Press-On Manicure by Broadway Nails is a total lifesaver and great go-to solution for a fast and fashionable manicure in minutes. These nails are no-fail perfect fixes for when I need an instant manicure. 328 more words


Advancing the Mind

   This summer has been a very busy one. I have attended Girls State, Governor’s School, yearbook camp, visited Memphis and Kansas, and attended a concert. I have learned many valuable lessons this summer also. 779 more words

Pondering Thoughts

Wolverhampton baby

I am in love with this place!

So we decided to come down yesterday and have planned to stay for a while. Tomorrow we got to come back to Derby to basically get money for tying a piece of thread on our cousins and brothers. 107 more words

Bye Bye Acrylics—Hello No Light Gel Polish

On my last nail post I had recently had acrylic nails put on.  I went with the decision to put on acrylic nails because my nails seemed so brittle.  619 more words


Tackiest nail trends

I am all for expressing yourself and being creative, and I love pretty , fancy and decorated nails but there are some things that are just a major “hell no” and here are my top 6. 402 more words


Gel Nails

Those are not my nails, photo taken from Google.

So I’m thinking about getting gel nails again. Ever since I eradicated my testosterone I can’t seem to grow my nails very well. 325 more words

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